Want to buy a new computer, my laptop is aging!

  AL47 23:04 24 Oct 2009

i have been out of the hardware circle for a while, [laptop for years so no point] bit now my laptop is having serious cooling issues [cant figure out why] in games it now turns off due to over heating and has to clock down the CPU due to over heating :/ cant see any obvious dust neither

anyway is there a decent pc around for around £500 [or one i can build to approx that price] which includes a good CPU and motherboard, [im not even sure what processors are good now [i7?] ram is irrelavent cause its easily upgraded, as is HDD space.

the most important part is graphics.. id like to be able to hook up 2 or 3 monitors, at full HD resolution, [my laptop can do its and another] if the computer in question came with a dell 2407wfp thatd be perfect,

is it possible for the price?

  rdave13 23:16 24 Oct 2009

Don't really know for a laptop. As for 500 squids a desktop will offer a better solution.
A company with quite a good reputation on these forums is Cougar Extreme.

  AL47 15:29 25 Oct 2009

after adding in pieces it came to quite a bit on there, i may go for one on an ebay shop

any opinions on processors and graphics cards in particular? [esp multi monitor graphics

  Loopy2 12:35 27 Oct 2009


Look into Cube247 - i have bought from them and was mega impressed. great system, great sales and great support.

If your wanting 3 monitors i know they have a couple of systems advertised with multiple monitors and you can always upgrade the system to your specification. If the upgrades are not avaliable on their website its worth giving them a call to see what they can do - thats what i did cause i knew exactly what components i wanted and although they didnt advertise them, they ordered them in.

Let me know how you get on! I was looking to buy their hercules system which is one with 3 monitor, however i decided not to so would be good to get some feedback if you do decide to purchase from them.

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