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  Fatboy415 00:11 20 Mar 2005

Anyone else out there unable to activate the Talk component of the Livebox? So far I have placed two calls with their technical support and spent an hour on the phone. The first guy was completely useless asking me to call back in one hour (after holding for 30 minutes he can go and shove that suggestion!) and the second woman was very nice but no use either.

The official line is someone of senior authority will call me back within two days. So according to the Wonderful World of Wanadoo I need to sit by the phone all day Sunday and book Monday off from work!

A simple search on the Internet reported 300 staff in France walked out in protest due to irate calls from customers on this very same subject. The UK spokeswoman said the same problem would not happen here and that their call centre staff will be fully trained. Yer right!

I will keep you all posted.


  Fatboy415 18:58 20 Mar 2005

6.40 on Sunday night and guess what? Yep, no phone call so that will be Monday when I’m at work then!

Received an apologetic e-mail explaining that I should be able to activate my account within a few working days and fired one back telling them exactly how I felt having to hold for one hour only to be told they know about the fault and should be able to activate in a few days etc etc.

Not sure how to describe Wanadoo’s actions but I’m sure getting your customer to hold for 60 minutes without advising them of a known fault must fall between underhand and dishonest.

Will post tomorrow with a further update.


  Fatboy415 12:35 22 Mar 2005

Still no phone call from Wanadoo, still unable to activate my Talk account.

  apollonia58 18:20 22 Mar 2005

Got the box on Friday managed to get it up and working easy enough but when it came to actually activating the talk account I could not get past entering the serial number and mac code, Error 53d kept coming up. Called them on Saturday afternoon and was told somebody would call me back within 48 hours. I'm still waiting...

  Fatboy415 09:03 23 Mar 2005

Good to hear from you apollonia58.

Unfortunately events have taken a turn for the worse at this end as I decided to turn the Livebox off overnight and now cannot connect to the Internet at all! Tonight I’m going to put the old Speedtouch modem back on and leave the Livebox until I have more time and Wanadoo have sorted themselves out.

Incidentally I have received no phone call either, great one Wanadoo!

Two points of interest.
1. If you press “button 2” it turns off the pulsating white W symbol.
2. I’m not sure if this will work or not but I’m going to attach my USB printer to the USB port to see what happens. Could it double up as a print server?


  Fatboy415 17:09 23 Mar 2005

Just been onto the Wanadoo web site and activated my talk account so will rush home and reset the gateway and try and get back on line to test my phone service.


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