Wanadoo what a doo !

  Giggle n' Bits 12:37 18 May 2006

OK, Finally got my Wanadoo Broadband account closed and my USB Modem shows ADSL as been no longer.

I want to join a new ISP for Broadband but after checking a online site for availablitly it says something about there is some imcompatible service or equipment on the line. Calling wanadoo they cannot help and neither can my new ISP unless I sign up to a contract which means I am tied for 12months.

I left Wanadoo in the first place because they goosed my Broadband by incorrect provisioning of the LLU and were unable to fix this after 5 months.

Who or what can I do to get my broadband as I really feel unsafe signing up to a new service if the problem is still going to be there. The way I see things is Wanadoo have toshed up my line all because of 2MB to 8MB upgrade which I didn't aurthorise. Their customer service is appalling asking for a copy of my last final bill even means a letter to complaints then to there head office

Main gripe though is I need a broadband service but worried about signing up cos of this issue with my line.

Help, I am using Dial up !

  Genius1 13:29 18 May 2006

If you want a copy of your final bill and have access to the Internet go on Wanadoo's site and log in to the member's centre - there is a statement viewer there I think. Which site did you use for it to tell you that your line is incompatible? Often these services don't really give an accurate picture of what your line is capable of. If you can, get a professional to assess your line - also, maybe ask your neighbours if they can get broadband and with which service provider? Although slightly different to your problem, when I checked if I could recieve Freeview using the postcode checker on their website, it said I coudn't. However, I can recieve Freeview perfectly. I hope your problems rectified as easy as mine was - I just took a chance with Freeview but I appreciate that your problems slightly different with the contract.

  Genius1 13:30 18 May 2006

Just another thought, you could try a few other sites (with other service providers) to see if they can say you can recieve broadband with your line - although don't trust them 100%!

  The Moog 14:12 18 May 2006

BT are the ones who will be able to check your line for any issues. Give them a call and explain your position, they can run a line test for you and advise you - straight from the horse's mouth. Since they have sole jurisdiction over you line now, it there are issues, they are obliged to resolve them.

The second you leave Wanadoo (or Orange or whoever they are this week?!?!) you cannot access any of their member services.. so the bill is not viewable that way anymore. I'd be tempted to raise that issue as a high level complaint via telephone. They do have the channels to do so... they are just not quick to advise you take them.

  Genius1 20:54 18 May 2006

Yes - sorry, I forgot that Big Byte had already left Wanadoo and so couldn't access member centre.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:40 18 May 2006

because my account has been closed.
I was upgraded from Wanadoo 2MB B/Band to 8MB Wanadoo Broadband and they changed over the BT line to Alcatel equipemnt for LLU this is where they messed up my Broadband and incorrectly provisiond the line. I have now no broadband but line checks made by 2 other isp using onine diagnostic indicate I have a incompatible service and it needs to be removed. I guess this is actually still something to do with because my line is not actually been put back to BT from Alcatel and they have only pulled the plug and left it.

I have a BT Line, but the bill is paid to another company and BT have removed the option of 151 line test and also my now resident Phone people say they are only obliged to offer a phone service & not Broadband or other line issues only problems when calls are not possible. What I mean is if the phone works ok that it as far as they are concerned.

  The Moog 23:54 18 May 2006

Even though the other company have the phone line, BT are responsible for the line setup at the exchange. If something is not right there, they should sort it out. Be firm. Tell them what you have been told and ask them to resolve it. Pretend you want to become a BT / Yahoo ADSL subscriber if you must... if they cear the fault, they'll get some revenue from your custom with another ISP, indirectly, anyway.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:56 19 May 2006

When WanadooDaDoDaDo had my line changed for the upgrade Wanadoo had Alcatel take the line "Over" from BT. BT then Wash their hands of the line as its now under Wanadoo/Alcatel but what Iam trying to find out, & Wanadoo won't tell me this as per usuall like most other things will BT Take the Line back. Comunication within Wanadoo is very very poor and is one of the ongoing problems with a lot of its customers.

I don't know how many other Thousands of x Wanadoo customers have found this problem if they leave but I left them becase they had no idea when they coudl have corrected my lack of Broadband service. Hence click here

The ISP I was intending to go to told me it would not be possible to sign up with them as there is a problem/service on my line relating to things like Alarm or other service. My 1st source was samknows website called Broadband resource and a line test their but after actually having my line manually tested by another ISP confirmed my suspicion Wanadoo have in a way damaged my line. This is probably they reason they couldn't fix it cos they do not know maybe which my line at the exchange is like plug in wrong socket maybe ?

Anyone know what they do at the exchange in English when they convert your line to LLU ? Would be interested, the more info the better. Tomorrow I am calling on our current phone people who we pay the bills to.

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