Wanadoo Broadband Fault

  SURVEY 15:58 18 May 2006

I am having problems getting my Wanadoo ADSL line fault repair and wonder if any forum member can offer advice. I have been with Wanadoo for years and have been n Broadband with them successfully for several months.

Fault occurred on Saturday (possibly following a storm). Speedtouch modem shows a flashing green light. Reported the fault to BT who directed me to Wanadoo. Wanadoo had a line test carried out and this reported a line fault. I phoned Wanadoo 12 hours later and they said a second line test was required. Apparently Wanadoo are not permitted to make outgoing calls so 24 hours later I phoned again for an update. Wanadoo said their Engineer would go to the Exchange. 12 hours later I phone again to be told all is OK at the Exchange so BT will be asked to deal with the problem and I should receive a call from BT within 48 hours. 24 hours later (today) I am told that it is with BT but I should reinstall the modem software (which I have done). I called Wanadoo back to say I have reinstalled the software, spoke to someone else, who said that the fault had been signed off some days ago! They will now get back in touch with BT!!

I am furious at the different reasons I get for the problem and progress (or lack of it) from Wanadoo. I asked for a call back to confirm that BT actually is aware of the problem but am told that it is not Wanadoo’s policy to call customers back. I then ask for the Customer Services department and am told there is not one as it is their policy that any complaints must be made in writing!! All I want is somebody with some authority to properly tell me what stage any repair is at – is that too much to ask??

I get the strong impression from BT that if they were my Broadband provider in lieu of Wanadoo, they would deal with any problem more promptly. Is this coercion to change provider?

Any advice? How long should a fault take to be identified and remedied?

  Stuartli 16:17 18 May 2006

>>I get the strong impression from BT that if they were my Broadband provider >>

BT owns the exchange from where your telephone line eminates, so naturally it would/be very likely to deal quicker with your problem if you were a BB customer...:-)

There is no coercion involved.

  SURVEY 16:20 18 May 2006

You are probably correct. All I am looking for is some honesty as to exactly what stage the fault tracing is at. With a different 'story' each time one phones Wanadoo one tends to lose all faith in them.

  anskyber 20:48 18 May 2006

Its very difficult on things like this and it would be irresponsible of me to jump on the bandwagon, as it were, of Wanadoo bashing.

Lets just say that like you I have been with Wanadoo for a long time and I have given them several chances to show that they have addressed the issues of customer care. Changing ISPs is potentially a hazardous thing to do but my experience with Wanadoo is such that I gave way and asked for a MAC code. ( after more than one attempt it arrived)

I may be lucky but the migration began today following a refreshingly helpful call to Zen internet at mid-day today.

Please do not tell me that it is expensive, I know, but what a difference this afternoon with 5, yes 5 e-mails from Zen keeping me informed of the progress and real time detailed information on their site regarding the migration process for my case.

Service is expected to begin on Tuesday, we shall see but what a difference so far.

  SURVEY 10:54 31 May 2006

An Update to my Wanadoo problems. A line fault was found although Wanadoo change their minds every time I speak to them about this. I managed to discover that my modem was faulty by swapping modems with a colleague (Wanadoo refused to believe it was the modem even when I said that logic dictated that if my friend's modem works with my setup but mine does not, the problem is with my modem!). Eventually they saw sense and said they would send me a replacement modem. When it did not arrive I phoned them again to be told that although it had been agreed to send one to me, they had not put the order through! So an order was sent and a couple of days later a 'new' modem arrived. This modem allowed me to connect to Broadband but the indicator lights were not working on it. Contacting Wanadoo I was told to phone the modem supplier directly; the modem supplier said I sold not have contacted them and put me back to Wanadoo! Wanadoo then agreed that I had been given incorrect information by their staff and they would now order the replacement modem for me! This morning I received another replacement modem and that seems to be OK.

I have written a letter to Wanadoo 'Customer Care' regarding their appalling service; many of the staff that I have spoken to on the Wanadoo 'problem' appear to be novices at determining faults and do not always listen to the customer's complaints. This compounded by the fact that they are not permitted to call the customer back, leaving the customer to run up lengthy call charges. I shall be interested to see if I receive a response from Wanadoo and compensation for the loss of the Broadband service for more than 2 weeks plus unnecessary call charges due to the incompetence of their staff.

My next problem will be in a few months time when my 12-month contract expires with Wanadoo. Having seen the quality of their 'service' I will have to migrate to perhaps BT. Will they make it difficult to migrate? Reading another thread on this forum I fear they may!

  SURVEY 14:06 31 May 2006

Yes, my experience has also been that BT say a fault has been cleared before checking with the customer and before it actually is cleared!

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