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  maz2 17:10 01 Apr 2005

Just had new terms of service, I'm on the old 512 unlimited service, but on scrolling through the new terms it says something about exceeding 30gig a month and suspension I wonder if this applies to all accounts
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  Flak999 19:01 01 Apr 2005

I also am on the old unlimited package, and I wondered the same, however i found this on the wannado broadband faq page. Quote:

"Does Wanadoo still have a £27.99 a month broadband product with no usage limit?

This product is no longer available to new customers - if you're already on this product you can stay on it or switch to one of our new broadband services."

So I think that answers your question?

Here is the link to the page I found. click here

  maz2 21:31 01 Apr 2005

I've seen that page before but these are new terms of service and I did read somewhere that it's going to become very difficult to get uncapped broadband in the future, also it does say fair usage applies to all accounts so I think that means everybody

  maz2 21:33 01 Apr 2005

Sorry forgot to say that changes are all highlighted on the message I received, not by me but by them

  ened 06:47 02 Apr 2005


  Jak_1 15:51 18 Apr 2005

I just recieved a badly worded letter from Wanadoo today. I am on the uncapped 512 package and have been for well over 3 years.

' We need to let you know that the usage on your Broadband account is currently over 40GB. ...

We believe this is excessive...

From the 1st May 2005, we will be operating a Fair Use Policy which applies to you as an uncapped Braodband customer.

We will be monitoring your usage on a monthly basis and will contact you again if you are still using over 40GB.'

I pay top rate for the service, same as a capped user of 1MB. As they rightly state my service is 'Uncapped', in my book that means no limits! Why should I be paying the same as someone on a faster speed and be subject to the same usage limits.

I think if that letter was presented in a court of law then Wanadoo would lose the case. I remained on the slower speed so I could have an uncapped usage.

Methinks they are due for a snotty email from me.

  Stuartli 17:42 18 Apr 2005

I think you'll find that Wanadoo, as with other ISPs, can vary its T and Cs as and when it requires to suit its purposes or business, providing it serves adequate notice to users first.

  maz2 21:21 18 Apr 2005

I've looked around and it's very difficult to find an uncapped service, they seen to be capping them all, I've installed a meter so I can find out what I'm actually using per month. I'm also in the same position I stayed on the slower speed so that I would remain uncapped, but I'm going to see what my usage is and go from there

  georgemac © 07:49 19 Apr 2005

all other providers seem to be upgrading their customers speed for free. Wanadoo want £20 from exisiting customers.

When my year is up I am off - migrating to someone with a fair usage policy - I am on the 2 Gbyte cap & this is roughly my usage.

Freedom2surf favourite at the moment for me.

  maz2 11:02 19 Apr 2005

I know it's maddening when they want to charge you for upgrading, I've been with them almost from the start on dial up. I'm sue not going to pay to upgrade, my contract is well over 12 months in fact most probably 2 years but the difficulty is finding a good reliable isp to take it's place and finding one that's not too dear with a generous cap

  georgemac © 11:26 19 Apr 2005

click here is free, 2 mbit 10 gbyte allowance for £19.99 per month, 50 gbyte allowance for £24.99 per month

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