Wanadoo Broadband

  csqwared 19:47 28 Apr 2004

Being a Freeserve Anytime user I'm now considering taking up the Wanadoo offer of 512k broadband @£17.99 (max of 2GB per month) which should be more than enough for me. Does anybody use this, anybody any comments - good or bad. All would be helpful.



  TomJerry 22:13 28 Apr 2004

Wanadoo took over freeserve. So they are essential the same company in the UK.

  TomJerry 22:15 28 Apr 2004

package is good. better than BT anyway because BT capped at 1GB

  spuds 22:30 28 Apr 2004

They have just started a mega buck advertising campaign, so any offers now may just be a one off promo deal.

  maz2 22:48 28 Apr 2004

I've used Freeserve Boradband since 2002 and never had any problems, the new price of £17.99 looks pretty good, especially when you look at the price of anytime, there is a restriction of 2gb for downloading but to my mind its a good deal

  csqwared 19:08 29 Apr 2004

Thanks for the responses folks - I think I'll take the plunge. Thanks once again.


  Lead 22:47 02 May 2004

I suppose it depends on what you want to do with your connection. If all you do is check your email and bank balance, I guess it's ok.

However, I download more than that in custom maps for all the games I play on-line. (Never mind general browsing, downloads, email, etc.) Good job Blueyonder don't impose any limits on my connection.

Incidentally, they will be increasing my 2mb connection to 3mb by the end of May for FREE! \o/

  maz2 00:21 03 May 2004

When they say there is a 2Gb download limit, does this apply if you check your e-mail on the webmail and delete all the junk there, a friend is thinking of getting it but she receives loads of junk mail and checks it through the web first, it's deleted as spam, she then opens outlook express so she only receives the messages that she wants, I just wondered if this would affect her 2Gb download limit

  johnnyrocker 00:37 03 May 2004

no as 2 gig d/load is fairly large in relation to mail servers.


  maz2 00:48 03 May 2004

Thanks she gets loads of e-mail, as she advertises for a small business, most of it junk so the new smap filter is helping

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