[DELETED] 16:41 03 Mar 2006

I had and e mail from Wanadoo on the 3rd February while I was away travelling to say that my connection was being upgraded to 8 mb. On my return on the 14th February I found I had no Broadban connection and I have not had one since.
Wanadoo have been very dificult to get trutful answers from Customer Service referred me to technical support and after speaking to various peolple in the call centre in India I was variously promised resolution in 2 days then 5days then 3 days then 5 days. Eventually by various means I managed to find a telephone number of the Head Office but still I have no connection. However they have now told me it is caused by migrating customers to their equipment installed in BT exchanges to provide 8 mb!
I have contacted BBC Watchdog. The exchanges affected are Leeds, Bristol, Solihull, Bradford and possibly others. HELP!

  spuds 17:05 03 Mar 2006

Are you still paying for a service that you are not receiving, due to Wanadoo's technical improvements on BT exchanges.If so, I would suggest that you quote The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (as amended)to them.

More information Trading Standards click here or you could contact ConsumerDirect click here

  ened 17:19 03 Mar 2006

"Wanadoo have been very dificult to get trutful answers from "
Tell me about it!

I wasted two hours the other morning calling their technical support because I was unable to get connected.

At the outset I mentioned that I was migrating to Tiscali but this Indian woman (whose understanding of English was not great)insisted that I was still active. I do know a little about setting up connections etc but I trusted her to get me back on line. I duly followed her instructions in creating a new connection and testing the line etc. At the end of it I was still getting the message about incorrect username or password. She gave up eventually and told me to call another number (actually same no. but different option) and get them to change my password.

I did this but still no joy.

Out of interest I called Tiscali to ask when to expect the transfer. They told me I had been with them for over three hours!!!

So a completely wasted morning and more money to the coffers of Freeserve.

I was not impressed.

  [DELETED] 21:46 03 Mar 2006

I'm with Wanadoo, and apparantly will be upgraded at the end of this month. I'm a little concerned that you mentioned Leeds and Bradford as I'm in Calderdale. And I agree their call centre is absolutely useless. I have had occassion to ring them twice so far, and both times I have hardly understood a word that was said to me. And what advice I did understand was of no value whatsoever.

ened, my problem was similar to yours, and I eventually solved it myself.

  ened 06:19 04 Mar 2006

If there is one theme that has run through the many years I was with Freeserve it is that there was never, ever anything wrong at my end or with my computer. Hours have been wasted on their helplines (especially in the early days when I was pretty computer illiterate)when it eventually turns out the problem is on their end.

I also think the average user has more knowledge than their poorly trained 'engineers'.

  [DELETED] 10:31 04 Mar 2006


Good luck I lost my BB connection and it took Wanadoo 4 weeks to sort it out correctly. Their customer service and level of staff training is appalling. The basic problem as I see it is most of the time the only option to fix the issue is for wanadoo to call out a BT engineer a process that wanadoo have to pay BT for so they are reluctant to do it. The engineer that eventually fixed my issue told me most of wanadoo's problems were being caused by promising people speeds that their connection will not support I was supposed to have 2mb connection but the BT engineer told me if I wanted a reliable service I would have it limited to 512kb as I'm far from the exchange. Give them a wide a berth as possible

  [DELETED] 12:26 04 Mar 2006

smy13. If you do a check with the below BT site what speed comes up - does it go along with what the BT engineer says?

Best to put your telephone number in if you can:
click here

  [DELETED] 18:49 04 Mar 2006

test says any thing over 512kb will need a visit from a Bt engineer Wanadoo don't mention this they just give you the max speed available on thier check.

  [DELETED] 18:55 04 Mar 2006

Don't get me wrong I've been with Wanadoo/Freeserve for a number of years with no problem. I just feel that they are being let down by the way that they are now setup to deal with customer complaints. the biggest frustrations are the fact that every time you phone them you feel like you have to start from scratch, If I was Coptheath I'd insist on being patched through to the UK every time I phoned them to get some continuity of care

  [DELETED] 10:56 05 Mar 2006

smy13. From your experience it seems a good idea to check any speed claims made by an ISP wanting your business against the BT test on their site. BT, who own the network, would appear be a more reliable source.

Coptheath. Any more news? A while back my ISP gave me an upgrade to 2Mbps and I suffered problems. Turned out to be the modem which was not up to the new job. After installing a new one all was well.

And while we are on the subject of broadband speed tests, give this one a whirl - it will tell you your download and upload speeds……………….

: click here

  aitch2 17:31 06 Mar 2006

try this numberWanadoo Customer Helpline: 0845 3307124
A pre-recorded line offering advice on connecting to Wanadoo, using
email, plus updates on the status of our Network. Calls to this line are
charged at local rates, lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a

Customer Care: 0870 8720099 (calls charged at national rate)

PC Technical support: 0906 2517517
Mac Technical support: 0906 7234000
(charged at 50p per minute, calls from mobile phones may vary depending
on your operator and tariff)

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