A,,W,,B,, 18:57 14 Jan 2005

On the 7th November last year Wanadoo overcharged my account by £35. Iv'e phoned them three times and each time have been promised they would refund me, but as yet no refund. Can anybody advise me as what to do next...

  Zak 19:34 14 Jan 2005

Hopefully you have kept a note of your previous calls to Wanadoo.

Make sure you have the exact details of the incorrect amount charged and what you consider to be the correct amount. You need details of package, cost, date payment due and amount actually charged. Sorry if I am repeating what you already know but just in case.

When you get through to Wanadoo explain that you have tried to get the refund on previous 3 occasions without a result. Request that you are transferred to the accounts department. You will then need to give full explanation and hopefully the matter will be sorted.

At each stage I suggest you note down the time, details of which call centre you are speaking to and of course the name and extension of the person answering your call.

I had a similar experience and I even e-mailed customer service. I received a reply saying that the matter is sensitive and can only be dealt with by phone. I did receive the refund due to me.

Good luck.

  fsbb 18:49 15 Jan 2005

I have been with Wanadoo for years and only had one problem. That was last December when I was overcharged £15. One phone call and my account was credited immediately with the £15, eg. following month bank account debited by £2.99. Clearly you did not contact the same operative as me. If ine can provide instant service to rectify company's error, why can't they all?

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