mbp 10:19 05 Aug 2004

Our local revamped Asda hypermarket, is almost twice its original size now. There has been some fantastic bargains from this hypermarket. Their prices are hard to beat, and their WHOOPS range are often a giveaway. For example, one offer, 12p/kilo for Conference pears, unbelievable!

I was browsing around yesterday and came across their computer-peripheral section. Their range now include scanners, printers, and other accessories such as CDs DVDs, USB routers, and so on. The prices looked quite competitive. I will watch for their Whoops on these items. Soon, you won't need to make a special trip to that out of the way PC center to pick up that odd item you desperately need. Pick it up when you buy your bread or milk, all from one convenient place. All this must be good for the consumer but watch out competition!

  Magik ®© 12:07 05 Aug 2004

did you notice how much the apples were ?


  Falkyrn 13:49 05 Aug 2004

Tesco have also announced their intention to enter this market and some stores already have Tesco's own brand ink cartridges.

Although how competitive the prices are or will be is another matter

  Stuartli 14:24 05 Aug 2004

Very competitive.

Same for Morrisons/Safeway's own brand equivalents.

Mind you the JR compatibles I buy for my eight-year-old Canon BJC600e are still little more than half the supermarkets' prices from CPC in Preston:

click here

  mbp 17:48 05 Aug 2004

Magik: They have just started stocking the shelves. I did not see any Computers or Laptops as yet. When I do I will post a few comparative prices.

  spuds 00:03 06 Aug 2004

I live within a five mile radius of two Walmart/Asda stores. Neither have much in the computer range, and comparing the prices of the limited items that they have in stock with the nearby PCW,Curry,Comet stores,Asda come well down the list.About three years ago, Asda made an attempt at introducing computer systems, similar to the way Tesco's had done, but it never seemed to have made many sales for Asda, so they abandoned the idea.

It is a similar story with the warranty cover on items like Asda's tv, radio,dvd players etc. It use to be a standard three year cover,which as now been reduced to one year.

  picklesy 07:15 06 Aug 2004

my local asda was revamped about a year ago with a lot of hype about all the new things they were going to have,and to be quit frank they shouldn,t have bothered.it,s more like a bits and bobs store now,there diy section is a joke every now and then they do get pc hardware stuff in usually over priced.they did get pc,s in at xmas from a company called q/tech and through personal expearance it was over priced junk.i am still looking for there bathroom section that they were showing on posters.there paisley store is always running out of basics,mind you they seem to have a manager with the attitude don,t re order untill you run out.

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