Waitrose Broadband

  Cryo 00:11 03 Aug 2007

I have decided to switch to Broadband and have been told that Waitrose give good customer service.Please could anyone confirm this fact? I know the download limit they offer and this would be adequate for me. Any comments would be appreciated, thank you.

  anniesboy 06:44 03 Aug 2007

I have Waitrose and have their support to be first rate.They also scored very highly in a poll undertaken by Consumers Association (Which).
Having said that please note that BT has just bought Brightview who own ISP Madasafish and Waitrose.
Hence I will I guess have BT at some point in the future.

  laurie53 07:52 03 Aug 2007

I thought Waitrose were part of John Lewis.

Is their broadband separate?

  anniesboy 08:15 03 Aug 2007

Yes broadband Waitrose is separate it is just bit that BT has purchased.
I should have made that clear

  Stuartli 08:38 03 Aug 2007

Tesco, Waitrose and similar broadband service are Virtual ISP suppliers - they use an established broadband ISP to provide the service for them, in a similar fashion to using well known financial institutions for their banking services.

  J B 09:58 03 Aug 2007

I also have Waitrose and they are very good in my estimation. When I read that BT was expanding their empire I fired a letter off to Waitrose.com so they could answer some questions about concerns that I had. If you want a copy of the letter that I sent and their answers to my questions use the "Yellow Envelope" to email me and I will send you a copy of the letter O.K. J.B.

  Cryo 00:08 08 Aug 2007

Thanks everyone for your help and especially JB for your E-Mail; all this has enabled me to make up my mind.( Lets hope good service continues in the future!)
This enquiry has now reached a satisfactory conclusion.

  J B 10:02 08 Aug 2007

Glad you got it all sorted out. J.B.

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