Waiting on a new Mesh and am wondering ...

  puppetmaster 22:53 12 May 2004

Order a new Mesh a week or so ago and waiting for it to be delivered. My software is Windows XP and MS Office SBE.

Just wondering if I will receive the actual software discs or will everything be stored in a hidden partition?

  spuds 23:06 12 May 2004

Contact Mesh [email protected] and they will give you the exact information that you require. This will form part of your contract with Mesh.

  Andybear 06:49 13 May 2004

When I got my Mesh last year Windows was on the PC, but the rest of the software was on CD's and I had to install it myself.

  MESH Support 09:05 13 May 2004

The Windows XP CD is a combination of Recovery CD and original installation CD. This means that the original folders are still intact for when you are asked to insert the CD by Windows.

There is also a Recovery partition giving more options should a problem occur with your system, or if somewhere down the road you decide to reset your system to factory conditions.

With the Office products, we will supply the original OEM discs.

I hope this helps.


Mesh Support

  Stuartli 09:30 13 May 2004

My experience was exactly the same (it was a system ordered on behalf of an elderly friend last September); it took about two hours to install and configure and it's worked perfectly ever since despite the owner's "starting from scratch" experience.

  Stuart29 13:24 13 May 2004

I just came across this correspondence. I too am expecting delivery of a new Mesh computer. I too am of adcanced years and a complete technophobe!

Is setting up this computer diffecult? My last one was already to go, I only had to connect the peripherals and switch on.


  Stuartli 15:04 13 May 2004

If you are a "complete technophobe" then why are you getting another computer system...:-))

No, it's not difficult - just follow the installation instructions which are provided with the system, its peripherals or the CD-ROMs.

Slowly and surely is the motto.

  Como2 16:45 13 May 2004

Just a point, when you come to install the additional software, if you get the option to select custom install select this and it will allow you to choose what programs to install.

If you accept the easy option you may find that programs are installed that you don't want

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