VoIP and win 98/Me

  Simsy 13:12 09 Dec 2005


I know that Skype needs win XP, so does Gizmo.

Does anybody know of free VoIP software that works with Win98se, (son has), and WinMe, (dad has).

I've used Google, with no sucess. (But I usually fail with that anyway!)

Thanks in anticipation,



  DieSse 14:14 09 Dec 2005

Why not just use MS Messenger?

  Simsy 16:19 09 Dec 2005

have a verbal, as opposed to written, conversation using that?



  DieSse 16:49 09 Dec 2005

Yes / and use a webcam / so you get as close to a *videophone* as there is

  Simsy 17:53 09 Dec 2005

Wish I'd known that a while ago!



  NAVI 18:49 09 Dec 2005

Have used Skype on a Win98se machine for 18 months with no problems at all despite it not being tested by Skype
thanks to a mother board failure have now just changed to XP and am about to try Skype version 2 (beta) which includes video phone you never know that might also work on Win 98 !
My brother is now trying out this new version because he is fed up with the way MS Messenger keeps breaking up and losing sync

  Simsy 00:19 10 Dec 2005

Which version of skype were you using on Win98?



  Chegs ®™ 04:51 10 Dec 2005

I have used CQ Phone(click here) on 98se as my dinosaur relic of a laptop crashed with Skype(its on 98se)There are also apps available to give Skype video ability(Festoon click here )that also works with Google Talk.My only reason for ceasing use of CQ Phone was after reinstalling it on my desktop,the phone number I had already passed out around my family/friends couldn't be used again.I had to use a new number and this would have required sending to all my many contacts so I opted to cease VoIP on the lappy all together.There are lots of VoIP apps,Skype is just a common one.Type VoIP into click here for a selection. ;-)

  NAVI 21:50 10 Dec 2005

The last version I used was one prior to 1.4 cant remember the precise ver. num.
Just tried ver 2 with my brother on xp video works brilliantly


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