recap 09:14 02 Dec 2004

I have been asked to look in to how viable VoIP is, how good is the technology, and if it is a reliable system?

Does any one use VoIP , and if so how have you found it?

Is it reliable?

Is the quality as good or better than analog?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Information about VoIP:
Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, or IP technology, as it is sometimes called, is a system for transmitting telephone calls over data networks. VoIP technology converts analog voice into digital information and sends it over the Internet in small packets minimising the amount of resources used in a telephone connection.

I use it when i am gaming for example in game (Counter-Strike Source) or using another program outside the game EG Ventrillo.

In all it is a very clear line so long as people hav e it set up right. I am not too sure on what it is like in a business environment...

  Rigga 12:09 02 Dec 2004

I work from home and exclusively use Skype to contact the office.. It's excellent with good sound quality.. it occasionally drops the connection, but nothing particularly bad. and considering it's free to call another computer, then I thinks it's excellent!


  polymath 18:46 03 Dec 2004

Forgive my butting in with another question, but answers might interest recap too;
I gather that the quality of voIP is usually poor with a dialup connection (which I have). I listen to internet radio sometimes (though only BBC so far), and the quality seems fine. Does this mean I could get decent voIP quality?

  TomJerry 21:00 03 Dec 2004

VoIPvery good quality, but when network down phone also down

  throwitoutthewindow 21:02 03 Dec 2004

VoIP might be OK if other users in your locality are not overloading the local exchange, but is you send or receive files when conversing it will be crap.

  danke 02:28 05 Dec 2004

you could find out more from this link,

click here

  recap 09:16 06 Dec 2004

Thanks everybody for your replies.

danke, thanks you for the link it is very useful, it has answered some of my questions on the security aspect of VoIP technology.

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