Voice software - best one?

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Hi there, I bought a copy of IBM's Via Voice (Standard, Millenium Edition) a couple of years ago. I used it for a while but found that there were quite a few errors - not sure whether I just didn't do enough training-in of the software.

I am a journalist and am hoping to use the product to make transcripts of long interviews. If I listen to the interview and dictate in my own voice, it should make the whole process much faster than typing (well, that is the hope!)

What I was wondering is if there is a better voice recognition package out there, or should I just stick with what I have and keep training it in? I am conscious that it is a couple of years old and so, theoretically, the standard has moved on.

Would appreciate any feedback!

Thanks, Shane

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I can wholly recommend Dragon Dictate, Naturally Speaking v7 Preferred.

Awesome recognition with very little training, and training improved it further.

click here for a few reviews.

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From what seems to be said click here
'Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional', I do use 'IBM's Via Voice ' but not with any regularity to give you an infomed opinion.Hope the link is helful.

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I used to have DragonDictate Naturally Speaking and found it good. It seems to work well after only a short amount of training-up.

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Thanks guys....seems that Dragon is the way to go. Do you know if it is necessary to shell out for the pro version if I intend just using it in Word? I looked at the manufacturers website and the basic functions seem the same for each version, even the cheapest Elements one. The impression I got from the website is that they actual voice recognition is the same on each, the more expensive ones just offer more functions esp. with other programs.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thanks again,


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If your software is two years old then it will certainly be 'out of date' as recent versions of this type of software have been sensational.

I recently used Dragon software and it learned my voice in minutes. I had to make a separate training file for use on the dictating machine that came with the Pro version due to the difference in sound quality.

If all you want to do is speak into your PC without the bells and whistles then the standard version should suffice.

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Thanks Kinger...do you know if the voice recognition on the pro version is better than that of the standard/elements version, or is the difference just with the other bells and whistles, as you put it?

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Has everything I need

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I have been using Via Voice ( version 8 professional) for a few years now as I'm at college with lots of written work to do. I have had a lot of problems with it and would not recommend IBM's voice recognition products. ( Even trying to just get it up and running properly proved very trying!)

Following advice by other forum members as well as people who regularly use voice activated software in their daily work in the college where I am a student, I too have now opted to get the latest Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 7 as from seeing it in use, it is a lot simpler to use as well as being easy to train and doesn't mind working on pages with lots of text ( unlike VV!!)
Good Luck

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