Voice over broadband - Vo-IP

  MichelleC 14:57 10 Sep 2004

Anyone know what's the best way to sort out vo-ip? I assume you need some equipment like converter and cables plus special phone. Any searches I've done show there's lots of firms who rent out, but are there any that sell the stuff?

  Rigga 15:08 10 Sep 2004

If you only want to talk to someone at another computer, or talk only from your computer, why not try Skype. click here The quality is very good.

PC to PC is completely free, and with the latest release v1 it allows you to call from your PC to any landline for a fee of course, he new service is called Skype out, I haven't tried it but sounds good.


  MichelleC 09:05 11 Sep 2004

Thanks, I'll look into that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:24 11 Sep 2004

Not wishing to be pedantic but Messenger is a) free, b) on most computers already and c) excellent sound with pictures as well.


  Rigga 10:10 11 Sep 2004

GANDALF <|:-)> Pedantic?... Never! ;-)

Do agree GANDALF <|:-)> MSN Messenger is a useful application, which I still use for IM, I also used to use Messenger for VOIP. But after I tried Skype, I find that the quality on Messenger is awful.

The difference being that with Messenger all traffic goes via a central server, which is probably located in the states, which is fine for IM, as I said I still use Messenger for IM, but for VOIP, it slows down the connection.

Whereas Skype is a P2P VOIP program, going directly between the two computers involved, and the difference in the quality of sound is quite large. With Skype it actually sounds like a real pone call, rather than sound being compressed and shoved down an Internet connection.

Go on G give it a try, a change is as good as a rest so they say. :-)


  Rigga 10:15 11 Sep 2004

P.S. Forgot to add, with Skype you can dial out from your computer to any landline in the world, with the most popular countries US, OZ, Europe etc... at 0.017€\Minute click here

  Sapins 10:29 11 Sep 2004

Hope you don't mind me asking Rigga a question.

Does Skype work ok if one computer uses broadband and the other dial-up?

  Rigga 10:47 11 Sep 2004

Sapins. It should work perfectly, from a technical standpoint, although not sure about the quality as the dial up will effect the amount of traffic that can be sent down the line.

The good thing is that because it's P2P, and not central server based, the quality should be ok.

My advice would be give it a go!


  helmetshine 11:02 11 Sep 2004

I've used Skype quite bit and always found the sound quality to be good....to dial out to a phone you do need to purchase credits as thats not free....so far i've only managed to get it to connect to 1 number tho....luckily it's the one i bought the credits for so i can now talk to my son,who lives in Florida,on his mobile for under 1p a minute....and the sound quality is still very good.

How well it would work on dial-up i not too sure as it does seem to use a lot of bandwidth

  Sapins 11:25 11 Sep 2004

Thank you MichelleC, Rigga and helmetshine, I've been trying to persuade the other 5 members of our little computer club to try it, maybe I can now get them to have a go!



  smokingbeagle² 20:09 12 Sep 2004

I'm interested in using VOIP but am concerned about SPIT.
click here
Has anyone experienced this?

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