Via Voice or Dragon Naturally speaking

  babybell 23:00 11 Jan 2004

Hey Guys and Gals
I have a huge assignment for uni coming up and i heard about the above mentioned products. If i have a good mic and one of the above software packages, how good are they, not for controlling the mouse but for creating word docs. Any help will be appreciated

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:31 11 Jan 2004

I've used both and they are...OK ish. It takes them a few months to learn and, to be truthful, if you did a typing course a la Mavis Beacon, you would be able to type alot quicker than voice progs.


  Forum Editor 00:07 12 Jan 2004

and have to confess that I felt like throwing them both out of the window. This is a technology that has a very long way to go in my opinion, and it's far from being useable in any real sense - that was my experience anyway. I spent so much time editing out mistakes that in the end I realised it was taking me longer to write a report than if I typed it myself.

  Brian-336451 04:07 12 Jan 2004

I've dabbled with both and given up, the freedom given to you in any of the later Word (or presumably other top-line word processor packages) makes the type-written version easier to do.

My main gripe was layout. If you're going to just dictate loads of prose then do it into notepad or something dead simple and sort out the formatting later.

I must admit I find them very frustrating because I KNOW what I want but the software was written by people that only could set it up the way they THOUGHT we would want - a world apart for a lot of us.

If you go down that route good luck. Personally I taught myself to 10 finger type about 15 years ago and have never regretted it (Male, 54 years old, flight crew). No stigma being able to type, its well worth it.

Well, I must admit to having a different view, certainly of Dragon in any case.

I purchased Dragon NS Ver 6 Preferred last year and was very impressed with it. The only things I found are -

1. Quality of the microphone is vital. I use a Plantronics DSP400 which has its own built in soundcard. Pricey but superb!

2. Dont skimp on the training. OK, reading the passages is boring but it is there for a reason.

3. Correction. Always make sure you correct CORRECTLY. This is so that Dragon can realise its mistakes and therefore avoid making them again.

If you have documents on your PC let dragon scan those for an idea as to how you write and the vocabularly that you use. It helps!

I have put my money where Dragons mouth is and just upgraded to the latest version - 7 Preferred. Granted i dont use it all the time but mainly for taking down notes when reading, I then go over and correct it (if necessary)

  GibsonSt19 09:16 12 Jan 2004

I purchased Dragon v7 (Preferred Ed), however you can read more comments if you click here

Hope it helps

  Curio 17:59 12 Jan 2004

I endorse GibsonSt19.
I use it in the domestic environment to great effect. My son (who introduced it to me) uses it in his job in Saudi Arabia and apparently has no problems with all those foreign names. He considers it highly accurate after disappointing trials with Viavoice

  PhilBoy 21:29 12 Jan 2004

I like planet rock on digital radio and I hate inputtin in silence an the rest of the house think Im a mad person talkin to my self <G>


  Effie 10:03 13 Jan 2004

Further to my advice in GibsonSt19's link, I'm currently now using the new Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 7 to do my college assignments (2500-3000 words in each!).Given my previous experience with Via Voice, this new Package beats it hands down!

I'm just about to do my dissartation using it and given I used VV for over 2 years with nothing but trouble, the only advantage that this package currently has according to some of the experts that I've been talking to is that it can be used with Apple Macs unlike Dragon. IBM software has an awful lot of catching up to do!

Also when you buy Dragon in this version, suggest you get the new update either from the suppplier or downloadable from Scansoft website which irons out many glitches from previous versions Similarly, if you can, buy it from someone who will give you support if you get into technical difficulties unlike places like Amazon etc. who supply it at a cheaper rate but they dont have any technical knowledge about how it works. Good Luck!

  Effie 10:16 13 Jan 2004

Have you tried using a single older style earphone in your other ear so that you can hear your music?

Even though the volume would have be be set at a very low level so as not to interfere with the active mike, at least you could hear a bit more than the sound of silence!

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