Vodafone wont repair my phone which is still under contract

  Paleface123 10:53 23 May 2012

I entered into a two year contract with Vopdafone in August 2011. Barely 8months later the phone became erractic and they requested I sent it to the repair centre. I recieved it back today with a letter saying they wouldnt repair it as there may be a varierty of reasons why it isnt working properly such as illegal access or corrupt softwear. On calling them they now say they cannot repair it as it is a Nokia E6 and that I would have to contact Nokia and arrange for it to be repaired. Surely if my contract is with Vodafone it is their responsibility to repair it, I dont understand why I have to go to all the trouble when my contract is with them. They did offer one month free use but thats no compensation for losing all my contact /emails data , being without it for ten days and now having to contact Nokia to progress the repair. I am furious - any comments welcomed please.

  spuds 13:16 23 May 2012

Your contract is apparently with Vodafone, so any responsibility lies with them to resolve. But having said that, they have suggested that some of the problems might be out of their contract terms, by stating what they have?.

You could contact Nokia (having been suggested by Vodafone!) or your local CAB http://www.adviceguide.org.uk for help and advice?.

Consumer Direct who use to deal with these issues, no longer exists, and CAB have taken over the role regarding consumer advice issues.

  interzone55 15:12 23 May 2012

If your phone has been hacked so you can install software other than that approved by Vodafone and/or Nokia the chances are you've breached the terms of your contract so Vodafone are within their rights to reject a repair under the warranty conditions

  Paleface123 08:39 24 May 2012

Thanks so much for the replies. Vodafone said it could be corrupt software or someone illegally 'hacking' the phone but neither has happend. I havent got a clue with phones and use them only to call or text , I havent downloaded anything and it hasnt been out of my sight so no one has 'hacked' into it. I think my annoyance is the fact its only 8 months into the contract. I accept many do not offer two years cover but the standard one year was expected. networks. No doubt they will have it their way but it is infuriating ! Thanks again

  birdface 17:18 25 May 2012

If only 8 months old it should still be covered by warranty.Take it into any Nokia repair shop and get it fixed.My nearest one was Huntington and I used to take mine there.They would fix it on the spot or tell me to call back later for it.If it was going to take longer they post it back to you.

Just Google for Nokia repair depots or shops.But like others have said You should have a 2 year warranty from Vodaphone and it should go back there.But try Nokia to see what they say.If no repair depots beside you phone them and they should send you a bag of sorts to put your phone in to send back to them.I always found Nokia to be very good at doing repairs.

If they cannot repair your phone they either offer a replacement or a new one.

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