Vodafone paymonthly 7.2mbps modem, rubbish

  CPUover 17:08 09 Sep 2008

got £25 a month Vodafone modem and its got the blue light on it for 3G+ and the connection on the pc says 3G+ but its not. Speed tests show 0.08kbps which is terrible and im paying £25 a month for that! my god i got done. anyway is there anyway out of this contract without it costing an arm and a leg, I want to get the 3 network modem as the speed for that round my area is very close too 2mb. Please any info on how to lose Vodafone would be great. Im so feed up with wasting money :(

  GRIDD 17:24 09 Sep 2008

how long have you had it?

  CPUover 17:29 09 Sep 2008

since June i think, sometime around there. 18month contract :( i was silly and rushed into it with all the promises of high speed.

  GRIDD 21:02 09 Sep 2008

How long have you had the issues?

  wholesalediy002 05:39 10 Sep 2008

what ?how long have you had it?

  spuds 12:22 10 Sep 2008

If you have an agreed contract, then you might have problems terminating the contract without payment, as possibly per terms and conditions of the agreement. The only way that you could try to end the agreement if possible - 'not fit for the purpose' in consumer law.

You might find some information on how your line or service should perform > click here click here

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