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Vista rip off

  amonra 20:33 23 Jan 2007

Quote from PCMag:-

The Vista Home Premium version was on sale for $119.99, versus the $229.99 price offered by Amazon, while Newegg was selling the Home Basic version for just $99.99, versus a price of $193.99 offered by Amazon. Windows Vista Ultimate was being sold on Tuesday by Newegg for $199.99, nearly a 50 percent discount versus the $379.99 Amazon charged. All of the versions offered by Newegg are standalone versions, meaning that the user need not upgrade a drive from Windows XP or a similar qualifying Microsoft product.

Normally, the OEM version of the software can not be sold by itself, according to license restrictions imposed by Microsoft. However, a Newegg representative said that the software was being offered as a standalone item, with no bundling restrictions.

The catch? The OEM version lacks the retail packaging as well as the product manual, possibly a key crutch for some buyers. However, Microsoft has published its own guide to installing the Vista beta, and PC Magazine and other sites have already published upgrade evaluations and other anecdotes about the Vista installation process.

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