Vista Print & there vprewards con

  Giggle n' Bits 11:30 22 Jun 2006

ok, I got a offer from vista print when I ordered a CD from CD Wow. Free 250 Business card from So I order amd got a extra 250 for £6.97.

I aggreed to recieving promotional offers, I ended up getting a email from Vista Print Rewards and in the last paragraph it says after 30 day free trial your card will automatically be billed the monthly membership fee!. Erh I did not aggree to joining a club via the vista print website only accpeted to be sent offers of discounts from pleaces likek Marks & Spencer, Woolworth's etc.

I tried to contact them and no anwser, perminantly busy and trying to contact vista print is out of hours and still trying. I sent a email to vprewards but I am not convinced they will act upon this to cancel this membership thing.

I paid by visa, is there anyway of stopping this company from taking my money after the 30 days as they do not have any aurthorisation from me and they didn't even mention any figure.

Think I may have been ripped off ?

  spuds 12:18 22 Jun 2006

Contact your credit card company promptly. The company could have set up a monthly payment account against your credit card (similar to some ISP methods). Ask the card company for advice, as stopping these types of 'agreed' payments can have difficulties.

If you say the promotion was through CD Wow, then contact them and anyone else involved in this promotion, and express your alarm and dissatisfaction.

Get all this done, with urgency, before funds are taken from your credit card account and further harm is done.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:38 22 Jun 2006

I have cancelled my Visa card not bank account which the bank said was enough.

I have also contacted CD Wow and informed them. I will post back with reply from CD Wow.

I got a email from vprewards after trying to cancel via email and got a mail back saying they will contact me in afew days. Don't trust this one bit.

So others reading here, ok vista print may offer good products but beware.

Reading arround this is been going on for a while I am not the only victim.

Vista Print pass on your card details & email address to Vista Rewards a different comany though similar name !

Also I don't know how they have managed to get my pop 3 email address when I didn't give it too them I use a yahoo email for things like this. Wouldn't mind but I got Norton Internet Security is this a Flaw in it ?

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