Vista home or Vista ultimate

  [email protected] 09:30 14 Nov 2008

Currently I am re-building my old PC with up to date hardware as best that I can afford.
My grand children will be playing games when they visit so itis botha PC and a gaming setup
I have Vista home 32 bitand Vista ultimate 64 bit OS which one should I use on the precept that this will last me some 5 to 10 years
I cannot inderstand whether at some point in time if I install Vista home 32 bit then I will be unable to install Vista Ultimete 64 bit at a later date
Maybe the experts can enlighten me as to the best choice at this moment in time or offer solutions

  DippyGirl 10:46 14 Nov 2008

No expert but here goes ...

Are there Vista 64bit drivers available for your hardware? If no - no point.
Is the software you want to run able to exploit 64bit addressing? If no - no advantange at the moment.

From memory I think you can install 64bit later but it will be a fresh install replacing, and not an upgrade to, your 32bit OS - with all the challenges a fresh install offers

  DippyGirl 10:51 14 Nov 2008

Might consider getting this thread moved to the Vista Forum. More Vista people likely to see it.

  [email protected] 11:03 14 Nov 2008

Hi DippyGirl
According to the components supplier everything is compatable with Ultimate 64 and the real experts with lol usually come up with results and genuine advice in this forum
If FE reccomends moving I will agree but that is normally his choice LOL

  RobCharles1981 11:08 14 Nov 2008

Why bother getting vista its rubbish too slow I tried it for a month a no no, so I stuck on Wiindows XP x64bit Edition so much better and faster than xp.

  [email protected] 11:14 14 Nov 2008

Just a few photos for you to view at

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  [email protected] 11:17 14 Nov 2008

A roof top type

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  DippyGirl 11:22 14 Nov 2008

You did ask about Vista, and looks like have already bought (or have access to) the S/w but I would agree with RobTOG Vista isnt what its cracked up to be, lots of bloat and very resource hungry, but if you can spec your build that can probably be factored in (processor/memory/graphics), but Vista and gaming ?? Never done gaming but get the impression its all about speed.. <will sit down now and give my mouth a chance>

Anyway with Windows7 on the radar why not do an intermediary build and see what that has to offer?
No doubt there will be the same issues with Drivers

Good Luck

  [email protected] 09:06 15 Nov 2008

thanks for that DippyGirl yes I have XP Vista home and ultimate to choose from I looked for bargains and found them Yes my refurbished PC will be top end spec and for under £350 excluding OS I will have to wait a while for 64 bit and give Vista a trial as it is. Some like it some do not ce la vie

  Rob_08 18:10 15 Nov 2008

(youll need it)

  Rob_08 18:25 15 Nov 2008

kellysbouncas ,
Hope your pc gives you and your grandchildren years of pleasure. Sure some of us dislike Vista, but i am sure youll get used to it and have hours of fun with kids.
Have a good weekend and happy computing.

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