visiting London and don't want to pay VAT. advice?

  metric man 01:16 17 Nov 2013

So I've looked at the rules on redeeming VAT and everything checks out but one thing: I can't redeem VAT on products ordered online. Just go to a shop and buy it, you say? well, that's were I'm asking for your advice: What shop can I buy computer components in London? the cheapest sites I've found (ebuyer, scan, dabs) aren't in London and the shops that I have found are too expensive.

  spuds 17:46 17 Nov 2013

If you are registered for VAT, then the normal rules apply, including any reclaims.

If you are not registered, but are taking things out of the UK to a non-Euro country, then when in London, perhaps start with the areas around Tottenham Court Road?.

  Forum Editor 14:24 18 Nov 2013

Go to Tottenham Court road, and look around,There are many shops selling computers and computer components.

Make sure you take your (non EU) passport with you if you wish to use the Tax free shopping system, and check that your chosen shop offers Tax free shopping before you buy.

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