viruses & BT

  cottager 20:10 15 Dec 2003

Over the last 14 days I have received 5 emails purporting to be from BT regarding my account. All these emails have attachments; after updating my anti virus programme I opened one attachment just to find out which virus/worm it contained if any. Yes, there it was Mimail.
I contacted BT Openworld to tell them but so far they haven't had the courtesy to reply or acknowledge my email. I am concerned that some novice is going to open that attachment and end up with a dysfunctional computer.
I know that all computer users should be aware of viruses but in truth quite a few people wait to learn the hard way. I feel that BT should be proactive about this email - what do you think?

  mikef. 21:04 15 Dec 2003

These types of emails are very common, they target banks, ebay, paypal and Microsoft most commonly, there is very little that the "targets" can do as they originate from some sick people. The general rule is if you receive any email about account details with an attachment they are invariably a virus. I f in doubt don't open any attachment that you are not expecting.

  cottager 21:32 15 Dec 2003

I don't normally go opening attachments when it's from strangers however in this case I was very curious.
I had read about the targets too on banks, paypal, et al. Hence my email to BT so they could do as the banks and paypal have done and warned their customers. However, BT doesn't seem to want to travel this well trodden road - don't you find this disappointing?

  The Spires 01:00 16 Dec 2003

BT do a free virus check on email which you have to ask to be enabled (McAfee I believe run it), I have used BT BB for over two years and have not yet received a virus via my POP mail.

  hoverman 08:53 16 Dec 2003

BT's virus detection and repair technology is powered by Symantec.

  The Spires 11:18 16 Dec 2003

Ok Symantec (eeek), the issue is the service is available & although I don't rely on it, in my case it does work.

  The Spires 11:21 16 Dec 2003

More info: click here

  cottager 17:50 16 Dec 2003

Thyank ou one and all for replying to my thread. I will follow the instructions as per the BT site pointed out by The Spires. Perhaps I am naive but I think BT could have still acknowledged my email/query!!

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