Virus scans

  geoff47 01:52 21 Nov 2004

I have AVG anti virus and Zonealarm installed but downloaded and installed Xoftspy (cos Im paranoic) and it showed several worms trojans and other items too many to mention in fact...but to remove them you had to register(pay) for the program.I panicked and took another scan online at Trend micro....didnt find the list that Xoftspy claimed to find.
Am I being suspicious or is this just a ploy for me to purchase said software? And although it maybe a clever sales technique,is it legal or even ethical?

  powerless 04:25 21 Nov 2004

Do a google and from i can see it's a phoney.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:34 21 Nov 2004

In the interests of the forum hive mind I whacked this onto my computer. Miraculously it found that my computer was riddled with worms and trojans...even more miraculously I could not find any of them myself, even after a thorough search. Either I am going bonkers or the programme mental health is not in question so the programme was deleted.

If you have a good AV such as AVG, Adaware from click here and lay off the mucky sites where people habitually forget to bring their clothing and P2P (Kazaa etc), then you are well protected. There are a couple of other programmes you can have as well but AVG and Adaware are all that I run and I get no problems, having 8 ish programmes running is a bit OTT.

There is a huge amount of rubbish and paranoia generated over viruses, hacking and 'spyware' on HOME computers. This is used profitably by many 'software' suppliers.


  bertiecharlie 13:54 21 Nov 2004

The programme is on this list click here

  geoff47 18:59 21 Nov 2004

I thought I was gullible but not as much as these people would like me to be obviously.
I have Adaware already so I will relax.
Thanks for the response,I can now rest easy.

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