Virus check taking 36 Hours! >PC World!

  ivesy 20:55 18 Feb 2004

Today we have been told TWICE at my local PC World that the reason why my girlfiends parents PC wasn't ready for collection after it's 'Healthcheck' was that a Virus check can take upto 36 Hours! By the Patronising sales assistants. I explained when I run Norton on my PC it takes 30 mins max. Yes they replied but this is an old computer I responded with it's only a couple of years old to which the asistant curtly replied with, "it's older than that" and wondered off to find the PC which we had been told was still running this mammoth program. He scuttled back and got another equally patronising assistant to give us the PC back. They said they use a DOS virus checker which can take upto 36 hours! Silly me thought this was just an excuse for taking 2 days to do a simple health check and hoping to blind my girlfriends parents (in there 60's) with waffle. After a word with the manager who agreed it shouldn't have taken more than an hour and infact had been ready for collection that morning (strangely my girlfriend's parents had been told at 1.30 pm it wasn't ready when they called into the store). We received 2 packs of blank CD's as an apology!

  josie mayhem 22:07 18 Feb 2004

If they took that long doing a virus scan, did they have time to carry out the rest of the healthcheck?

  Gaz 25 23:08 18 Feb 2004

Fraid, it never takes that long to virus scan.

No virus scanner takes that long. I have been in the business to try it too.

Even DOS scanners. Infact DOS scanners are quicker normally because there is no sily GUI.

  spuds 23:15 18 Feb 2004

PC World took over the remaining warranty of my ex-Tempo purchased computer.I was informed that I could have a healthcheck on the commencement of the replacement warranty. Just book it into your local PCW store I was told. I visited the local store and was informed:Yes book it in, and if you want to be present, then you will have to wait about two momths for a date, but if you leave the computer with us, we will fit it in with other work, but you will have a full printed repoert. I left the computer on agreement that I could collect in three days time, but they would phone me if the computer was ready for collection before then.
Three days went past, so I visited the store. Surprise, Surprise-Ist technician.Sorry your computer is not ready yet. 2nd Technician.I think it is, it was completed a couple of days ago.Is that yours [pointing to a computer laying under a desk]Me.Yes that's mine.2nd technician.Yes its been fully checked and it is okay.Me.Where there any problems, and where is the report.2nd technician.Ho the person who did the check is not here today or tomorrow.I cannot find the report.Take the computer and I will get him to contact you. Couple of days past and no contact made, so I visited the store. 3rd technician, Hallo, I have been very busy and I forgot to contact you, but the computer is okay. Me. Fine, where is the report. 3rd Technician. I am very sorry, but it seems as though we have lost it.Bring the computer back, and we will re-check it for you. Complained to manager, he wasn't interested. Still not sure what they really did. Did they Healthcheck the computer, or did they not, that is the question?.

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