Virgin.NET are messing me arround! I am sure!

  MeV1 12:48 28 Oct 2004

I recently phoned virgin for a MAC code so I can move broadband ISPs. I was assured that it would be e-mailed to me.

I got an e-mail last week saying "Due to excessive technical support requests, we are taking longer than usual to deal with you request but will be in touch shortly...." yada yada yada.

Here I am a week later still with no MAC code.

Are they jsut messing me around to get the november bill out of me before I move?

  Dipso 21:18 28 Oct 2004

Virgin are well known for messing people about when it comes to migration. Have a browse through some of the posts click here

  ardvarc 08:21 29 Oct 2004

Dear Customer,

If you've recently tried to contact our Customer Support, you'll be only too aware that our service levels - by telephone and by email - have been well below the standards that we set - and that you expect.

We're sorry if you've been frustrated by the length of time it's taken us to deal with your queries, however we are taking a number of steps to get us back on track to delivering the best possible Customer Support. These include:
Additional Customer Support agents - we have recruited more customer service agents who are currently going through our detailed training programme. These additional agents will be fully up and running on December 1st.

A number of new online enhancements including the launch of a Webmail service, and an 'Online Broadband Order Tracker' where customers can track the status of their Broadband order.

New Customer Support numbers - at a reduced call rate of 25 pence per minute rather than the current 50 pence per minute - will be introduced in November.

  MeV1 14:51 29 Oct 2004

thats the exact e-mail I got!

  Sparrowhawk 15:03 29 Oct 2004

I have an answer:

click here

  MeV1 19:34 29 Oct 2004

I dont want wanadoo, I am moving to pipex. They dont have a download limit.

I want to move providers! Thats my whole problem! Virgin wont give me the Migration Code I need to move!

  MeV1 20:13 30 Oct 2004

its saturday! still no reply.

I bet I get one on monday morning at 9.01am or something stupid like that.

(I am billed on the first of the month)


  JayDay 11:03 31 Oct 2004

I had the same problems check out my rant. click here

  MeV1 18:39 01 Nov 2004


I phoned virgins new support number and got straight through! the bloke said my MAC code was e-mailed to me on the 22nd. I said I hadnt got it so he gave it me over the phone.

I have given my mac code and registered with Pipex so now do I have to cancel my Virgin account or do they do it for me?

  MeV1 19:47 01 Nov 2004


I originally had virgin broadband for the simple reason that they had no minimum contract. Ordered their recommended modem and paid by credit card, then it took almost 2 months for delivery despite their 5 day claim. by which stage i was already paying for broadband i couldn't use. Virgin phone services stink: only once did i get a human voice and he was some work experience kid about as useful as ashtray on a motorbike. When i finally got the modem there were no instructions for novices like me, customer services were back to the answerphone. Finally worked out how to set it up thanks to a friend only to be cut off for no reason within a fortnight. When i called their premium rate helpline i got another moron who asked if i had paid my bills. I explained i was paying DD and no, i hadn't changed any account details and yes i did have money in the account, he was stumped. When i checked my bank balance they had been charging me double the whole time anyway. NO-ONE SHOULD USE VIRGIN.NET BY CHOICE!!!

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