virginmedia losing customers to BT

  Number six 23:23 30 Jul 2012

I have used Virginmedia for BB/TV/phone for several years, and have been generally quite happy with their services. I was informed a few months ago that they would soon be doubling the speed of my BB service. I was glad that at least they appeared to be doing something to justify the regular price hikes, which seem to occur every couple of months. So, I have been regularly checking their website to see when this upgrade is supposed to take place. "July onwards", it has been telling me for weeks. Great! Can't wait! Just checked again, now saying it will not happen until between December and June next year.

Also, not too pleased with them when there was a fault on my landline phone, and had to wait three days for an engineer to call and fix it.

I fear they may soon be losing many customers to BT when they finally get around to installing their fibreoptic services.

  wee eddie 23:52 30 Jul 2012

Pram - Toys - Out of.

Don't worry No6, are you a Player, BT are just as hopeless. It's always Jam Tomorrow.

  birdface 06:36 31 Jul 2012

Sometimes it is out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I agree with wee eddie it does not matter where you go they all have problems.

3 days wait till you get your phone line fixed is fairly quick.Normally they can fix it straight away and failing that they have to get an engineer out to check the outside box in the street for loose wires or bad connections.

The engineers just don't sit around waiting for phone calls they are kept busy.

I think I had to wait 4 days to get mine fixed but what the heck we have mobile phones we can use if the house phone does not work.

If you need the phone urgently you could explain that to them and I am sure they would have fitted you in a lot sooner.

I have been with them as long as you and have had a few problems along the way but you can expect that with any company.

The only reason I would move from them is if I could get a better deal elsewhere with as good a service as they provide.

If they removed their foreign call centers they would get far more customers.

  Cymro. 12:11 31 Jul 2012

It took BT a whole week to get round to my house to fix my phone line. Mind you I must admit we both have a mobile phone. I now get double the Internet speed I used to get. My old copper wiring was well over thirty years old so no wonder I was having such slow Internet speeds. I would guess that there are many households around the country who have Internet problems that are due to old copper wiring.

  Woolwell 12:45 31 Jul 2012

My upgrade speed has been moved from this autumn to late spring. However if I want decent broadband speed then in my area the only option is Virgin. With a wired connection I would be lucky to get 2 Mb and frequently much lower than that. I have found that Virgin have been relatively quick to respond to any snags. When I lost broadband recently for about 12 hours (a large area of S Devon went down) I negotiated a refund of part of my monthly bill.

  Pine Man 15:50 31 Jul 2012

Wherever ever you go don't even consider BT!

When I was with them I had a landline problem that took nine days to resolve. In fact it was o2 my ISP, who actually fixed the problem in the end even though they weren't providing my landline then. They do now!!

  spuds 16:59 31 Jul 2012

What most people seem to forget, if you are using a hard wire landline, then its the BT infrastructure (excluding Hull) that is being used and leased to the ISP. BT OpenReach engineer's or BT sub-contractor's do the repair work.

I once had a discussion with a BT engineer, and he seemed to be of the opinion, that being paid by a competitor ISP brought faster BT repairs to a problem. In the end, it would all depend on how fast your ISP wanted the repair doing, and who was paying?.

  cruiser2 17:59 31 Jul 2012

Like cymro, the wiring for my phone from the wooden pole to my house is over 30 years old. This is probably why I am now getting slow speed on my broadband. When my contract finishes next year I will probably change to Virgin as cable is already in the street where I live. Will negotiate a good deal as I will want phone and TV as well

  onthelimit1 08:56 01 Aug 2012

Bear in mind there is rarely anything wrong with the copper cable itself. The source of the fault is usually where the copper wire is joined to the downlead - the joint is not soldered, but is simply a copper sleeve over the two wires which is then twisted to secure (I should know - I spent enough time as a Youth in Training doing the job!). Over a period of years, water ingress causes corrosion which may lead to crackles on the phone, but will almost certainly cause broadband speed reduction.

  Aitchbee 09:58 01 Aug 2012

...paper or polythene sleeves(little cylindrical tubes) are used to slide over a copper to copper (wire) twisted joint. (not copper sleeves).

  onthelimit1 11:59 01 Aug 2012


Things have changed since I did it then (long time ago). For overhead copper, the sleeves were in the form of a slightly flattened copper tube about two inches long which was pushed over the pair of wires. A tool was then used to twist the joint a few times.

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