Virgin or BT Broadband?

  Need4Speed 09:50 29 Nov 2005

Cant decide of the two which to sign up for.

Any readers have any views based on there own experiences of the above ISPs. Ie reliability, service, cost.

I can only recieve 1mb b/b and do not want to spend above £18.

I already have a wireless adsl modem router and have considered other ISPs but have drawn it down to these two.

But which one?????

  Diodorus Siculus 10:10 29 Nov 2005

Like most people here I can only speak from personal experience but I've been very happy wiht BT Business broadband. Never any problems and in 4 months it has only been offline for a couple of hours.

  Mike D 10:44 29 Nov 2005

I've recently moved to BT (from Tiscali). It's early days, but I have no complaints about the service or the Customer Service people that I have come into contact with.


  bjh 11:42 29 Nov 2005

I run two Virgin connections at opposite ends of England, and have had no problems at all. They also don't have a minimum sign-up contract, so you can try for a month, and if you don't like it... walk. They supply a modem and two asdl dividers for you, and they give you a running commentary on how far they've progressed with your connection.

Service over 1 year has been 100% on both lines.

So, add my pennyworth to the Branson camp! (He probably needs the cash ;)

  Stuartli 16:08 29 Nov 2005

Does anyone know who provides Virgin with its BB service?

  anskyber 17:09 29 Nov 2005

Can anyone answer Stuartli?

  ade.h 17:22 29 Nov 2005

I know only three users of BT Broadband, one business two standard. None of them have had a working service or satisfactory support so far. Maybe they have just been very unlucky, but it certainly puts me off. Using F2S at the mo', have been for just over a year and very happy indeed. Of course, if things go downhill at any time as a result of the buyout I'll go elswhere since there's no contract involved.

  x2 zero 19:47 29 Nov 2005

I think NTL got thier hands on it.

  Newuser38 19:49 29 Nov 2005

NTL supply Virgin.

  stalion 19:56 29 Nov 2005

been on bt broadband for 15 months no problems no timeouts excellent

  Minkey1 00:21 30 Nov 2005

Been on BT Broadband since they first launched ADSL. In those days they charged £39.99 pm for a 512 service plus £150 for an engineers visit ! Since then - about 5 yrs - I've seen it go to 2 meg for £29.99 with a 40 gig cap, tho they say in practice they won't enforce this. In that time I've only had outage for a few days due to a wiring fault in the flat which a BT B engineer sorted. They knocked me off 2 months rental. Cable has never been an option and I always felt that as the ADSL ISP's all had to go thru BT I might as well stick with them and have never regretted it. As local loop unbundling rolls out this may change but but so far I havn't minded top dollar prices as they've given me td service.


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