Virgin Net's '24Seven' - appalling service!

  bamfiesler 10:25 30 Nov 2003

In the last six months or so, this service has become so unreliable, with inability to connect, server not found, ahning for minutes before receiving sending mail,lousy connection speeds,and when I'm on I get kicked out regularly after a coupla minutes, often ten times in one hour! Today was the final straw: connected, and was blown out within 30 seconds!

where do I stand with this lot? I am paying them £13.49 for the priviledge having my nerves frayed when cut off in the middle of a download. Who do I complain to (other than Virign, who take days to reply to mail, if at all!), and can anyone recommend a RELIABLE ISP for me to go Broadband on?

THanx to all who respond

  Patr100 13:43 30 Nov 2003

Sounds terrible. Have a look at click here for more details and complaints on this problem especiallly at their forum. For roughly the same proce, I would recommend Onetel click here at 13.99 for 24/7 unmetered.

  anchor 14:50 30 Nov 2003

I used OneTel in the past and found them very good. Still use their cheaper phone service.

  bamfiesler 19:46 30 Nov 2003

Ok, guys, thanx a bundle. The ISP review site has been most informative, and has re-inforced my opinion of Virgin Net. Time to shake off the shackles of crap service, and hit the Fat Pipes! Surely this time I'll be a happy man! ;-)

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