Virgin Media To Start Traffic Managment On All Packages Including XXL

  Input Overload 11:27 03 Apr 2012

VM New Traffic Management Statement

From The Enquirer

I hope this isn't the thin end of the wedge, they drop my price last month then throttle me this month, it seems only heavy users will be affected - I'm think a heavy user although I don't use file sharing sites. I've phoned VM & let them know my feelings, I am quite happy to pay for a none managed package - This is not available although the guy I spoke to at VM says he will pass 'amazing'this idea on to the management.

I know bandwidth is not free.

Well done VM. - I am not impressed.

  Input Overload 11:28 03 Apr 2012

Oh for an edit button Please!

  Input Overload 12:27 03 Apr 2012

From VM's blurb -

'Download as much as you like You'll never have to worry about going over the limit.'

'We think you deserve more. So no matter which of our fibre optic broadband packages you chose, you can download as much as you like with no hidden charges. That means you can download as much music, as many films and as many photos as you want without having to worry about going over any kind of limit'

"And because we want you to do more online, from February 2012 we’re going to be doubling our customers’ broadband speeds."

If you actually do the above though VM will cut your speed by half & shove you on a lower priority stream & Virgin Media have not informed XXL (well me at least & it seems others) users that they have 'recently introduced' traffic shaping to XXL without telling them - So I have done that for Virgin Media.

The guy on VM tech said 'we haven’t kept it a secret' so I said so why did I find out on the internet & not via email from Virgin – There was a few seconds silence.

That's what annoyed me that I was not told anything despite the fact they could have done that so easily - I wonder why they did not? - >End Of Rant<

  frybluff 18:33 03 Apr 2012

About typical for Virgin. They are too fond of saying one thing, and doing the exact opposite. The stock answer always seems to be "It's in the legal stuff". I'm sure it is, and I suppose anyone, with nothing better to do with their lives, could fing it. Trouble is, they have a monopoly of fibreoptic bundled services. Even BT infinity, when fully available, won't fully compete. When we get Infinity, I will switch, even with a downgrade, just to get free of Virgin.

  Input Overload 19:35 03 Apr 2012

There was a couple of threads on PCA when the Virgin Media’s charges increased earlier this year & some forum member as I remember were annoyed regarding this & at least one member got a price drop.

I did ring VM up then as I considered dropping down to the then 50MegBit (now 100) from my 100Meg, or ditching VM completely & going to BT Infinity (& Sky) which was available months ago where I live...

The main reason I stayed with VM & on the XXL package was that according to VM 'BT Infinity used quite rigorous shaping' & the advantage of the 'VM - XXL' package was an increase to 120Meg / 12Meg in summer 2012 but more importantly to me was 'No traffic shaping applied on the XXL Package'.

If VM need to apply TS to all packages that's fair enough as there will always be those that abuse any utility but it would have been nice to have been informed in some way (email possibly?) either before or even after the event.

VM made a huge song & dance regarding the speed doubling & being 'the fastest provider in the UK' including quite a few TV adds & even evolving lifeforms living on Saturn knew of the speed increase yet VM have said 'nothing' regarding the latest changes.

Without any doubt this is well covered in VM's large T&C's so legally they can probably do as exactly as they wish without informing the people who pay for their premium service.

What's next a limit on the amount of programs I can record on my Tivo box per month? I think though it's pretty obvious that subscribers who pay for a 120MegBit package do a little more than 'browse the net & check their emails' – You can do that efficiently on 10MegBit.

Maybe it's a time with the amount of streaming available to implement a pay what you use service for fast fibre, as 'all you can eat services' rarely work in practice – What use is an increase from 100Meg - 120Meg downstream if your available bandwidth is then restricted on 120 when it wasn't on 100?

As I see it you simply arrive at your shaping point faster & even more likely. I haven't just posted on here & had a rant I've also informed VM I will be watching my speed closely & will be on Sky & Infinity in a heartbeat.

I really thought with the advent of fast fibre the bandwidth issue had been settled as I’ve heard the '10% of users are using too much' argument since the days of dial-up – It seems I was wrong. Either put your prices up VM if you can't supply your service or at least be more upfront & factual about your 'fastest broadband in the UK proclamations' or at least tell your users when things change big-time.

I don't really expect many members to agree with me but I believe there is at least some truth in the points raised here.

How about an article in PCA about this problem that can only get worse with the advent of Love Film, Net Flicks & TV channel streaming?

  birdface 06:11 04 Apr 2012

You have to ask who got hit with the biggest price increases last month.Those that have all of the large packages.

I think they are shooting themselves in the foot with this suggestion and it will only make those on the verge of leaving finally do so and go elsewhere.

They will supply you with a Tivio box to watch and tape whatever you want then charge you £5 a month for doing so.Not sure if they charge you for all Tivio boxes that you have or just the one.

If you took out a TV package they had to supply the box so that you could watch TV.

Now they must be saving a fortune as they give you a Tivio box and give you the pleasure of paying for it.A nice little earner.

All in All a good company to be with but getting very expensive for those on the bigger packages.

  frybluff 08:02 04 Apr 2012

Virgin have given us (not that I've seen it yet) a "free" speed upgrade that isn't free (they just put the price up first, so they can call the actual upgrade free), and now they are saying "you can have faster downloads, provided you don't use it.

This doesn't, if I'm reading it right, hit the "download gluttons", it hits most of us, who may occassionaly download a couple of movies, or the like. What is the point of super fast broadband, except to download a large "chunk", in a sensible time. 5 or 10 meg is perfectly adequate, otherwise.

  Input Overload 10:07 04 Apr 2012

You cannot pay any more to Virgin Media than I do - My land-line, BB, 1 GIG Tivo, & 2 contract mobiles are all with VM. I was getting a top notch service (and still am) & was (are) quite happy to pay a premium for that - But: If I am going to be restricted I can be shaped for a lot, lot less – at least £25 a month less actually - I'm also in the fortunate position of having either VM or BT Infinity available.

frybluff - It does seem as in today that severe shaping will only hit those downloading from torrents & User Net & as I use neither I should not be affected but as I pointed out on my initial post is this the thin end of the wedge?

As with all things in life I feel if you feel something is maybe a little unjust or unfair it's worth saying something to the right people in the right way at the right time & I hope I have done that properly - And for now I am staying with VM & from what I've read on other forums VM is certainly getting some severe flak over the changes.

With a bit of luck VM might take some note of this? A shot over the bows I think does work at least some of the time.

Thanks for leaving this post on FE, I was annoyed more in the way that it's been done than what's been done but at the end of the day it is just an internet service & there are far worse things in life to worry about – Green ticked.

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