Virgin media and Sky

  Terry Brown 09:25 12 Nov 2011

On Virgin media (TV) they are showing an option for sky's equivalent of catch up TV, suggesting that as part of the XL package is is free, however if you want the 'Extra' service you have to sign up for the SKY movie or Sports package at an extra £18 per month.

I for one am not taking it up-- Would you.


  Menzie 12:20 12 Nov 2011

I stopped subscribing to paid TV earlier this year when my last contract expired. I found after owning cable for a few months that all I was watching were repeats or the free channels any way.

What I hated about Virgin was it seemed that there was a price rise every other day I got my bill and whenever I called for an explanation I didn't get a very good one from the agent on the other end.

  birdface 15:03 12 Nov 2011

The more channels the more crap and the more adverts.

I only have the freeview package with Virginmedia which costs nil and is worth just about that.

My Sister in Law has the Large package and it has so many crap programs that you would never want to watch them.

The biggest con is charging you for line rental which costs just as much without it.

If using the virgin phone the prices are sky high if you use it outside your package deal.

The Plus's

Telephone stopped working and they had it sorted within 3 days.

Broadband was not working properly and they had it going again within 45 minutes.

Television was freezing and they had that going within 15 minutes.

All in all their service was first class just grudge paying £14 a month for line rental.I very seldom use the phone so working it out it works in at £56 a quarter for sitting there not getting used.And almost identicle price without the phone.

  Woolwell 16:28 12 Nov 2011

Switched from Sky to Virgin recently. It's cheaper and reliable.

  morddwyd 19:23 12 Nov 2011

"Switched from Sky to Virgin recently"

Chance would be a fine thing.

It's Sky or nothing in rural areas.

  lotvic 22:23 12 Nov 2011

morddwyd, what about FreeSat? using either the Skybox or any other Sat. box. I'm using a Humax Foxsat (very pleased with it) - no subscriptions.

  morddwyd 09:09 13 Nov 2011


Very little difference from Freeview, and simply doesn't show the channels we watch.

  lotvic 12:05 13 Nov 2011

morddwyd, Oh well, if you want to watch subscription channels then obviously you do have to pay for them.

  morddwyd 18:57 13 Nov 2011

That's why they're called subscription channels!

  Terry Brown 14:12 14 Nov 2011


You say about the Virgin Telephone prices, I agree they are too high so I use the alternative.

I pay standard rental to Virgin, but I use a box from First Telecom to route my calls through them. The prices are a fraction of Virgin's prices, see the link for Virgin lines .As we use the telephone quite a lot (about 150 calls a month),it works out considerable saving. There is no pre-dial, just use the phone as normal.


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