Virgin Media Service

  Input Overload 16:55 05 Mar 2010

I have had problems for a while with much slower speeds on fiber than I should have, I reported this a few weeks ago & it seemed like it was fixed but the problem has persisted.

From yesterday an engineer has come out each day before then, & they have replaced the isotraniation contrictulational petempulatotion at the local node, & replaced all the wiring in the local cabinet.

In the end it was the modem that was throttling the connection that two engineers said they had never known before.

My point is the helpful polite determination to get the issue sorted to my satisfaction that I felt was worth a mention on her.

The last guy said you have the best set-up cable connection in the UK now with the work that's been done. :-)

A first class service Virgin - Well done!

  birdface 17:28 05 Mar 2010

All they need to do now is get rid of the foreign call centers and everyone will be happy.
I take it you do not mind the extra charges starting next month if you get a good service like that.

  Input Overload 17:36 05 Mar 2010


No I don't mind an extra charge as I am being paid more too. I had no problems whatsoever with anyone at the call centers I spoke to & there were several.

I was always taught the way you handle people has a large effect on the outcome of a situation. I can only say how things have been for me & from day 1 with Virgin starting with the excellent installation & extremely helpful install guys have been first class.

I assume you are with Virgin?

A positive outlook & giving engineers a frequent cup of tea & a friendly attitude works wonders. From your surly post it seems you might have problems with that?


  birdface 22:36 05 Mar 2010

Nope never had any problems with them.
But unfortunately I have problems with the foreign call centers.
Although they try to be friendly and helpfull unfortunately it is quite hard to understand them especially when you can hardly hear them.
That is the only complaint I have with them.
I also find them very exspensive for their Broadband service and yes I will grudge paying them more for it.

It's always nice to read on here when someone has recieved good service. Particually as I'm switching to Virgin cable in a few weeks. I'm so sick of BT Total Broadband.

Thanks for shareing! :D

  birdface 09:42 06 Mar 2010

Not trying to put you off Virgin but I would have a look at o2 as they are rolling out there new House phone and broadband tariffs and if you are already an o2 user you get it cheaper.
Always worth a look as I think that they are going to take a lot of customers off Virgin and Sky with their cheap prices.

  Input Overload 14:49 06 Mar 2010

I would have to be boiled in a pot with 'OXO Gravy Granules' added to use BT again.

  Input Overload 14:53 06 Mar 2010

BTW: Sky however was first class.

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