virgin media price increase

  polish 19:00 11 Feb 2012

a short while ago virgin media announced a free speed upgrade on there internet speed today i received a letter announcing a four pound a month price increase so not exactly free.

  frybluff 19:17 11 Feb 2012

They've had to put the prices up now, to pay for the FREE upgrade!!

  Condom 20:49 11 Feb 2012

If you don't want to pay then leave for someone else. There are many very good deals available from other suppliers.

  mole44 06:52 12 Feb 2012

Condons right,jumping the broadband ship for some where else is not a good idea.remember unless BT have an optic fibre network in your area whoever you get to supply you with broadband it still comes down the same ols copper wire from your local exchange. Virgin yes copper wire to your house but less distance from your local street caninet,resutl of this is better speeds and consistancy of service,

  birdface 10:33 12 Feb 2012

Virgin play on the fact that you take their phone package along with the broadband so that if you then want to go elsewhere you have to pay BT over £100 to get reconnected.

What has probably happened is when you signed up for Virgin you were given a 1 year deal at a cheaper price and now they want to charge you the normal price.

It is then up to you to get back on to Removals from Virgin and try and get your £4 extra reduced for another year.

If you don't mind your phone number from getting changed and you have finished your sign up contract with them and they are not willing to reduce the £4 Tell them in removals that you want to leave them.

You have to give them a month to cut you off and in that month they will phone you a few times to offer you a better deal.

If they don't and you get cut off just rejoin as a new customer with benefits of getting the reduced payments that new customers get.

It does not usually get to that stage as they usually phone a few times before cutting you off offering a reduced payment.

I have not had any warning that my Bills are going up £4 so can only assume it is the package that you took out when joining them that has finished.

  polish 10:45 12 Feb 2012

i have been with cable since its introduction in my area about 18 years ago it is not so much the price increase its just about the way they say on one hand free speed upgrade then a couple of weeks later put up the package price

  birdface 11:44 12 Feb 2012


If you think the extra £4 is not justified you have to tell them so.If it was a new package that you applied for and they want to charge you the proper going rate for that package now there is not a lot you can do about it except go down the route that I previously mentioned.

Rather than loose you they would prefer to keep you and may offer another discount but it all depends how forceful you are with your approach to them.

When I said forceful I should have added always to be polite at the same time,You could tell them that you cant afford to pay the extra £4 and you will have to leave them and wait and see what they say.

Did they give a reason why they were putting your payments up.

Sky are giving some good deals at the moment and mind and say that to them if they ask where you were thinking of going to.

I must admit if they try and put mine up another £4 they will be coming to take it away.

  Terry Brown 14:59 12 Feb 2012

I think a lot depends on the package you have. Virginmedia is trying to persuade people on the basic tariff to get a better (from their point of view)package.

I am on the XL for TV, Standard phone and 10mb (soon to be 20mb) internet, and because I have complained every time they put the price, I get a £20 a month 'discount' and free dir enquiries, o845 numbers and other perks.

It pays to be a moaner, as if you do not moan (complain) you get charged the full price every time -- Think of it as 'Haggling'.


  polish 17:41 12 Feb 2012

i will speak to them and also to sky to see exactly what there best price would be thanks every for there input.

  birdface 16:48 13 Feb 2012


I did mean sort of hint that you may go to Sky just to see what they say.

Just heard this morning that they are putting up my Sister in laws bill by £3.50 a month.I can see them having a lot of very unhappy customers.

She stays north of the border just wondered what area you stayed just in case they are targeting folk from the one area.

  frybluff 17:22 13 Feb 2012

I live in Bournemouth, and ours is going up £4. What's really annoying is that Bournemouth was supposed to be the flagship town for universal broadband, and Virgin are still the only real fibreoptic ISP, for bundled services, and that's not FTTH.

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