Virgin media phone - only 1 line connected

  VNAM75 21:30 09 Aug 2009

I got my phone connected yesterday but was told they would only make 1 line live, so I am able to operate a phone from the main socket downstairs but not from the upstairs. They did not expalain why.

Is anyone else in this situation? I don't understand the logic of only connecting 1 line - is it a technical reason or the bundled base package I have only entitles me to 1 line?

  dagnammit 21:32 09 Aug 2009

You only get one line. :|

  VNAM75 21:53 09 Aug 2009

I have 2 lines. The main one downstairs and a extension (wired from outside cables) to an upstairs socket. That was installed about 5 years ago when first got BB and phone from them. I can't remember if both lines were made live at the time or just one. Surely if they wired the extension there should be 2 lines? Anyway, it's not a problem, just I don't understand why.

  dagnammit 22:02 09 Aug 2009

You have two sockets but only one is wired in.

  birdface 22:46 09 Aug 2009

I have 4 connections with no problems just using extention cables.
They only fit one connection if you want any more you have to do it yourself normally.

  birdface 22:49 09 Aug 2009

Maybe change your phones for cable free ones.The main one downstairs and you can add another three wherever you want them.

  VNAM75 22:57 09 Aug 2009

OK, so if I want to use a phone upstairs I need an adpater plugged into the main socket and a extension cable going upstairs.

  jaritch 09:12 10 Aug 2009

When I changed my phone to Virgin Media a few years ago the policy then was to install the main line and also hook up one additional extension. In fact last year when I phoned to get another extension fitted to my son's room they did it for free.

They may have changed policy now but it may be worth giving them a call and asking if they should have done you an extension as well.

  birdface 09:23 10 Aug 2009

That is the way I did it.But that is going back to when i was a BT customer so works the same with Virgin.
it may be cheaper just to buy some digital phones[I hope thats what you call them]Shop around till you can find them the cheapest.
Then all you need is the main one downstairs and up to another 3 anywhere,You do not need cables for them you just plug them into an available electrical socket.

  BRYNIT 10:17 10 Aug 2009

I could be wrong but the reason they do not connect existing extenuation cables is because they cannot guarantee that the cable is any good. People used to complain when they were charged for a service call as the fault was not with the phone company.

As Above using a cordless phone allows you to have a phone anywhere in the house. The main phone base unit is connected to the phone socket and any extra phone can be position anywhere as long as you have a plug socket for the charger.

  jaritch 14:27 10 Aug 2009

With my installation they did not use an existing extension cable but fitted a new cable and box. I agree that using a cordless is the easiest solution but having another extension box up stairs helped me when I moved to sky for TV and they were able to plug the box into the extension upstairs instead of running a cable all through the house.

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