Virgin Media Package upgrade options

  fullyfitted 14:00 15 Nov 2007

I’ve been with Virgin for a number of years and I’m quite happy to stay with them. Currently I am on a monthly contract of £14.99 that connects at 2.2Mbps, this is confirmed by a speed check.
Virgin have offered a package of 8 Mb for the same cost plus inclusive evening and week end phone calls, a Free T V set up box or a wireless kit. This is on a 12-month contract.

Now I am a complete novice on comparing these deals and would appreciate some advice.

The upgrade in speed I understand (just).
As I already have a T V with built in free view I don’t want their free box but is there any advantage in taking the free wireless kit? If not is it worth trying to negotiate a better price.
As Virgin become the carrier for calls and I pay B T for the line rental is B T still responsible for maintaining the line. I know that sounds obvious but I have a vague recollection of horror stories where BT have been reluctant to respond when they are not getting the full package (urban myth possible)

Any comments and/or suggestions would be welcomed


  stylehurst 14:15 15 Nov 2007

Are you receiving your present BB via a BT telephone line, or via cable. If the latter then your telephone would transfer to the cable & you can dispense with the BT line (ie you wouldn't have to pay BT line rental)
If you change your BB speed & accept the telephone offer then the whole lot would be subject to a minimum 12 month contract. If you accept the telephone offer but leave your BB at its present speed then only the telephone is subject to the 12 month contract.

  fullyfitted 16:19 15 Nov 2007

thanks for the interest

Currently using a B T line as cable is not available
so I'm stuck with paying the line rental.

  stylehurst 17:11 15 Nov 2007

It might be worth looking at the Post Office, they are providing both BB & telephone, I believe their line rental is less than BT.
Another alternative is Carphone Warehouse.
I think in both instances they take over your existing line from BT.
BTW it is unlikely that you will get 8Mb from Virgin, they are relying on the quality of your BT line, & I think you have to be virtually on top of the exchange to get those levels.

  fullyfitted 17:32 15 Nov 2007


I've seen some of the other offers about but I don't want to change my ISP cos for personal reasons I want to keep my e-mail address but I may have to , so thanks for advice especially the speed bit



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