Virgin Media Introduce Speed Cap for Heavy Users

  [email protected] 20:52 04 May 2007

Quote from click here

"Peak hours count as 4pm to midnight, and Virgin claim that only the top 5% of downloaders on each tier will be affected.

Those on tier M who download over 350MB during peak hours will have their downstream speed restricted to 1Mbps, and upstream to 128Kbps, for four hours.

Those on tier L who download over 750MB during peak hours will have their downstream speed restricted to 2Mbps, and upstream to 192Kbps, for four hours.

The top rung service, XL, will see users downloading over 3GB in peak hours having their downstream speed restricted to 5Mbps, and 256Kbps upstream."


Seems like more bad news than good has been announced since the take over. Virgin were one of the few ISPs that offered a truly unlimited service. Lets hope the speed upgrade gets rolled out soon and across the whole board, not just the XL package.

  Forum Editor 23:39 04 May 2007

regularly download anything like 3Gigabytes during peak hours?

  snowy30 01:01 05 May 2007

Where does that leave me, I wonder. Since Sky one was pulled from cable I have been downloading the remainder of 24. I have a 2MB connection, so I am more likely to fall in the M category - and hence probably be nearing the 350MB cut-off point.

On V.M's website click here towards the bottome of the page it has a link for a download meter: DU Meter click here though it has a 30-day trial, which I doubt many ppl will pay to continue using it, why didn't VM give us a link for a free download if there is one.

  beb 13:29 05 May 2007

Always been a bit confused about download limits , I play alot of online gaming WOW Gulidwars Medal of Honor etc , dose this count towards my download limit or is it not " downloading " [email protected] seems it is only XL customers that wiil get the upgrde , never used to be with telewest all customers had a upgrade .

  Stuartli 13:31 05 May 2007

>>dose this count towards my download limit or is it not " downloading "..>>

Of course you are using your bandwidth and it will most certainly count.

  iqs 18:15 05 May 2007

question via your thread [email protected],I have their XL 10mb service,I don't download 3gb a month let alone in an evening.So does this mean I will still be able to download at 10mb?.

  [email protected] 12:58 06 May 2007

Yes, any use of bandwidth will count.

iqs, as long as you don't download over 3GB during an eight hour peak period then you will always run at 10MB.

Even if you do download more than the limit, the speed restriction is only enforced for 4 hours, then you're back to full speed until you exceed your limit again.

  iqs 15:59 06 May 2007
  theDarkness 19:36 06 May 2007

no company can give a truly unlimited connection, they have to pay for customers usage, and although most customers at the moment may not be clued up or even bother with downloading, within the next 5 years or so that will no doubt change. as the standard connection gets faster and more people start to use the net for downloading music and television/movie files through websites such as veoh (which AOL Time Warner and some disney chairman have now invested in- they know where the big bucks lie!).

id rather have a connection that slows for a short while from alot of use than have to pay £1 to £20 (some sites do!) for every extra gig of download usage over the monthly or daily limit

  Arnie 12:21 07 May 2007

"Seems like more bad news than good has been announced since the take over."

Sounds like good news to me.
Servers somewhere along the line must reach their peak serving capability.

I have noticed my downloads taking a little longer at these so called "peak times"

I wonder whether top class gamers fall into the "sign of a misspent youth" syndrome.
A bit like top snooker players.

I seem to remember reading on my teletext, that some gamer's are becoming addicted to their passion.

  setecio 12:39 07 May 2007

Seems fair to me, good news to keep a good fast service, not a degraded one due to high usage by the minority.

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