Virgin media... how much webspace?

  Simsy 18:05 26 Jun 2010


I think I'm about to change to a cable package with Virgin. I spoke to a salesman at a local shopping centre and had all my questions answered... I haven't yet signed up though...

Subsequently I realised that I hadn't asked about whether, and how much, webspace is part of the package. I can't find anything on the site, so I range him back...

He was a little unsure and said he call me back shortly, which he did, and said it was 55Mb.

Now though he should now, I'm inclined to doubt this, for two reasons; 1) He didn't seem very certain about it, even when he rang back. (In fact he didn't know what I meant by "webspace" at first!), and 2) This seems a strange, and small(?) figure.
(Not that I have a website that huge... but sometimes I use it as a way of distributing big files to folk)

Can anyone out there using Virgin for their broadband please confirm/advise what sort of space they have?

The package is the basic one, 10M Bband, basic phone and basic TV package.

I realise I can probably haggle for more without much effort, just wondered what the "norm" is.

Thanks in anticipation,



  tullie 20:21 26 Jun 2010

I dont know what you mean by webspace,but there are plenty of websites that allow you to upload files,and send the link to your friends.

  Simsy 22:11 26 Jun 2010

I know that, but I have a little website, as well, for personal use.

Thanks anyway...

Any Virgin users have the answer?




  Simsy 22:22 26 Jun 2010

I've eventually found the answer on their site;

"As a Virgin Media customer you're entitled to 200MB of plain webspace completely free of charge within which to create your own website."



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