Virgin Media, good service.

  Arnie 17:54 17 Jul 2008

We often hear about ISPs providing poor service, but yesterday my ISP, Virgin Media were excellent.
I had recently been hearing hum and crackles on the line, so I rang the free 151 VM service number.

As is now often the case I was connected to a nice well spoken lady in India. I explained to her the problem, mentioning that my now retired BT engineer brother had verified that the fault was from my outside box wiring to VM’s roadside node in their cabinet.

Within a couple of hours an engineer called and verified a poor connection in the main cabinet.
He was a very polite young cheerful lad who explained the test procedures he carried out.
Within 20 minutes or so, I had a crystal clear line connected to my three house phones.

Technical people who may be interested; the procedure was as follows:

The lad opened up the small outside box, he then removed some extra connections that were originally used for my second phone to dial up via NTL to the internet. He then cut off and replaced all the crimped connections within the box.

After his trying my phone the crackling and hum were still there. He unplugged the hall phone and inserted a mini signal generator device to inject a signal to the roadside box.

We both walked over to the roadside box were he explained he was checking for a signal from his receiver.
He soon located the wiring from my house and remade the connections to the node terminals in the box.
He said he would report my query as a definite fault and no charge would be made. I thanked him for his explanatory help and off he went.

  sunny staines 19:32 17 Jul 2008

nice to see good service, the cable operator in our area is for cable tv only wrong type of fibre optic for BB.

  g0nvs 21:13 17 Jul 2008

I had a fault with my cable modem at the weekend & rang their free number where I received good service as well. A new modem arrived a couple of days later delivered by UPS, unfortunately I wasn't at home & the driver kindly left the parcel with a neighbour leaving details on a card for me.

After failing to get the new modem working I phoned the Virgin helpline & spoke to a chap in Wales who was very professional & patient in talking me through the problem.

All sorted very quickly, so full marks to VM & UPS.

  birdface 22:47 17 Jul 2008

Ive had my problems with Virgin.But recently had to contact them again,they arranged for an engineer to call in 3 days,Engineer sorted out the problem with a new modem.Then my son had to phone them.Phoned on the Friday ,engineer was there on the Saturday.There service has improved 100% and can't fault them at the moment.Also doing cheaper Broadband packages at the moment.Never though that I would ever say it.But well done Virgin keep up the good work.

  Arnie 00:01 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for your feedback. I believe I am right in thinking that Virgin have improved their overall service.

I have noticed a big difference in the extensive improvement of self-help info on Virgin's website, compared to the previous NTL site.

If one is prepared to dig deep, it's amazing the amount of detail that exists there.

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