Virgin Media Email and Gmail

  AlanHo 15:16 14 Sep 2009

I had the need to call the Virgin media helpline because I am not able to upload my Outlook contacts list to my blueyonder webmail. The csv file has worked fine with Hotmail and Googlemail - so it is not a problem with either the file or computer.

After getting me to try a few things - and the technician trying my account himself - he eventually admitted he could not solve the problem and suggested I should enter my address book manually. With more than 200 addresses in my address book it is something I had hoped to avoid. The guy tried really hard and was most helpful - so I have no complaints about the time and effort he put in.

During the converstaion I told him that I had uploaded the file to my hotmail and gmail accounts with no problems - which he found interesting. He then told me that he had been advised Virgin are moving onto the Google platform in 2 or 3 months time and that us Virgin media broadband users will be transferred to gmail. He had not yet been given full details - but was under the impression we will be able to retain existing Email addresses. He did not know whether the new system would allow us to use pop3 accounts with Outlook and Windows mail etc - or whether it would be strictly web based like gmail.

He believed the transfer to Gmail will apply to all blueyonder, NTL and Virgin Media Email accounts.

So the bad news is that he could not solve my problem uploading my Outlook contacts to Blueyonder webmail.

The better news is that the addresses are already on my gmail account - which presumably means I will be able to then upload it to my new Virgin Gmail account.

There isn't any good news.

  interzone55 15:27 14 Sep 2009

The good news is that virgin media's woeful email service will be no more.

As far as I'm aware the existing Virgin et al accounts are being gradually moved across to the Gmail platform.

If this is anything like Sky's version of Gmail the interface will be much like the standard Gmail interface with some slight tweaks, but you won't get the full 7.5tb mailbox capacity, the last Sky user I helped only had 1gb capacity.

  AlanHo 15:47 14 Sep 2009

I forgot to mention that the Virgin technician said that a big advantage for us Virgins was that our Gmail box would be much bigger - he mentioned a figure but I have forgotten what he said

  interzone55 17:06 14 Sep 2009

I think your present inbox limit is only around 100mb...

  [email protected] 23:34 14 Sep 2009

"He did not know whether the new system would allow us to use pop3 accounts with Outlook and Windows mail etc"

I very highly doubt that they would remove that ability. E-mail is such a vital service to many people so being forced to use a web based client, which is very much inferior to a computer based client such as Outlook, would make them lose customers left, right and centre.

  interzone55 08:35 15 Sep 2009

"He did not know whether the new system would allow us to use pop3 accounts with Outlook and Windows mail etc"

I didn't spot that bit - Sky email using Gmail is fine with Outlook, although it takes a bit of fiddling to get it to work as I could find the option for setting the secure SMTP transmission...

  ^wave^ 08:38 15 Sep 2009

im with sky and they use gmail i dont have a problem with it i use outlook as my client, my wife uses thunderbird it just email to us. it set up without any problems so i dont think you will have any. as for pop3 you can use either that or imap

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