Virgin Media , a disappointment again!!

  Mary_S 11:51 22 Oct 2008

Again Virgin Media are messing up.
I have lost my tv connection. I waited patiently but nothign changed. Then I did, what iI will be told on the phone to switch it off wait 2 mins etc. I did that , now the box has froze on me while it was loading up. I tried to give them a call on their support numbers but guess what, i can get through. A engaged tone is what i get. Now, thast very strange because i should be placed on hold, not engaged. This company is a joke. They always having problems. Another else having this problem?

  spuds 12:08 22 Oct 2008

Another post running click here

  Mary_S 12:10 22 Oct 2008

Hi Yes,
That other post was by me to. The other one was about their broadband service, and now this is about their tv. Another one else having a problem with their virgin tv? All their support phone numbers are not working!!

  GRIDD 12:22 22 Oct 2008

No problems with our service:

I called once about our phone going down and an Engineer called the next morning to say it was fixed at the exchange.

TV runs fine.

BB runs fine.

...One happy VIP customer.

Try clearing any obstructions to your TV box. They can get quite hot, which I found to be the issue with my Dad's. He had his dvd player on top of his tv box, blocking the vents - I simply put the dvd player at the bottom and tv box on top. Hasn't crashed since.

  Mary_S 12:24 22 Oct 2008

Theres nothing ontop,at the top or either side blocking the tv box.

  pj123 14:11 22 Oct 2008

I have not had any problems with NTL (now Virgin Media).

TV, Telephone and Broadband all running very smoothly.

  birdface 15:48 22 Oct 2008

Ive had the same problem and they had to send an engineer out to change the box.I have not had to get in touch with them for a while but their service was 100% better than it used to be. Maybe it is taking a backward step again.Mind you with the amount of money that they owe the banks if I had any shares in them I would probably try and unload them quick.

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