virgin media detrimental use of broadband (False advertising)

  Autoschediastic 13:24 31 May 2011

Hi sorry to clutter the Forum with my threads BUT i think i have a good point here, I have been with Virgin Media for six months, i own a Quadcore Extreme pc (this is relevant to this story and how you get your broadband speeds) i have the 50MB package and the unlimited phone service basically the best package they offer, I have had some issue with their phone charges relating to my landline and the 0845 numbers but thats another story, i download around 150 gig a month watching HD films on Iplayer and so so..

Ive just had the postman give me a letter from Virgin Media titled "Detrimental use of broadband" now this basically states that if i dont slow down my usage they will cut me off???

I was on the phone with them last week due to their charges which was wrong and i asked What exactly is "Unlimited Usage" is there a "Fair usage policy" clause thrown in here?

The guy on the phone stated "NO the unlimited usage means EXACTLY what it states and that you can feel free to download as bigger files as you require"...

So WHY have i received this letter? is this False Advertising? ive also done some research online and found this thread in Virgins own Forum speaks volumes really!


  bremner 14:57 31 May 2011

Virgin Acceptable Use Policy Click Here

  Autoschediastic 15:42 31 May 2011

bremner thanks for the link, The question i would like to ask is WHY is Virgin then advertising "Unlimited Usage" but then capping the amount you have?

isnt that false advertising??? how do they get away with this? its on the same basis as the ISP's advertising "UPTO" speeds on their broadband packages? maybe this should be looked into and outright stopped! its simply NOT fair and its "Trickery"

As the guy stated on the phone i can use the BB as much as i want whenever i want..then VM are stating different??? anyway ive reported this to OFCOM..i can CLEARLY see i am not the only person that has a sour taste in my mouth over this...

Can you see my point NOTE the left hand side under the XL package READ THIS

  chub_tor 15:55 31 May 2011

On the left hand side under the XL package in the small print at the bottom it says under The Legal Stuff.... Acceptable Use Policy Applies and it is a Link to the Policy that bremner listed. It may not what you want to hear, but I can't see how OFCOM will uphold your case, they will presume that you read the small print before you signed your agreement with Virgin Media.

  wiz-king 16:05 31 May 2011

They do not 'cap' you, just slow you down to allow others to get a good speed at peak times.

  spuds 16:15 31 May 2011

"it's simply NOT fair and it's 'Trickery'"

Not if you contract states clearly about usage. Hogging bandwidth that someone else might want to use is possibly NOT fair?.

If you think that you have been treated unfairly, then contact Virgin for an explanation, especially if you have evidence that their advisor's are issuing out wrong statements.

  Autoschediastic 16:21 31 May 2011

chub_tor ok lets look at it this way its a bizarre way to look at it but a good example nevertheless, you go to ASDA they advertise All you can eat buffet in their cafe, you go to fill your plate then decide you want some more, you go back but are then told the "All you can eat policy is for one plateful ONLY" is that fair.? i dont think so! And its the exact same here! they shouldn't be allowed to word their packages as "UNLIMITED" when clearly they are not unlimited period!!

  Autoschediastic 16:22 31 May 2011

spuds VM have just lost a customer! and i hope that one day someone from the senior ranks reads this thread!

  wiz-king 16:49 31 May 2011

Think of it as a sports car, you can go as many miles as you want to but you have to slow down somtimes and keep to the speed limits.

  BT 17:05 31 May 2011


I have been with Virgin Media for six months

VM have just lost a customer!

Think you'll find you have to fulfil the term of your Contract first.

  Autoschediastic 17:13 31 May 2011

BT not a chance! they have lied to me over the usage! and i will stand my ground!

wiz-king lool loved it! :-)

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