Virgin Media Customer Care

  pj123 16:04 25 Jun 2007

When it was NTL I was fairly happy. Cable TV, Cable Telephone and Cable Broadband. Plus a second cable telephone line for a rental of £5.50 per month.

Since Virgin took over it appears to have gone down the drain. My Cable TV service is OK apart from a couple of Sky channels no longer available. (but I didn’t watch them anyway, so no loss to me).

Telephone service still working OK except that my second phone line appears to be £11 rental and not £5.50. Because I wasn’t told of this increase Virgin have agreed to charge me £5.50 for the next 12 months and then it goes to £11. I accepted.

Broadband is the biggest problem, I am on 4mb at £25 per month but it is so slow I would be better off going back to PAYG Dialup.

I have tried on numerous occasions to get it sorted using their telephone helpdesk. Gave up in the end and decided to write to their Managing Director Customer Care, Steve Stewart.

I wrote on the 12th June 2007, I received a reply on the 21st June 2007 (9 days).

The reply says: “Thanks for the letter you sent us. We’re on the case and a member of our team will be in touch as quickly as possible.”

The next paragraph says it all:

“It usually takes us around 10 days to reply but wanted to let you know that we’re a little busier right now and it may take up to 15 days”

15 days? Is that customer care?

  P1d 16:42 25 Jun 2007

I reported my V+ to VirginMedia on Friday as not working reporting the necessary error codes etc.

I was told that I will need an engineer to visit my home but beforehand it will be escalated to second line to confirm I need a site visit. Apparently this can take up to five days...........when it was NTL it was always next day the engineer came out!

Oh well, we'll see if it gets sorted within five days.


  Fellsider 19:20 25 Jun 2007

....“It usually takes us around 10 days to reply but wanted to let you know that we’re a little busier right now and it may take up to 15 days”....

They've upped that from 5 days and 10 days in February!!

I eventually got someone to call me (let them pay for once!) and got my problem resolved but have to agree that their customer service is rubbish.

  Zaphod 3 19:35 25 Jun 2007

Have you seen their latest e-mail? If not read this;


From 1st July, our broadband helpline number is changing and from then on it'll cost 25p per minute to call from a Virgin home phone, plus 10p to connect. Mobiles and other networks may vary. The new number is 0906 212 1111.

Over and above this, we want to make it quicker and easier for you to find the information you need. So when you need help, here's what to do:

Step 1

If you're having trouble with your broadband service, for example if it's running slower than it should be, or you're having trouble seeing certain pages, the first thing to do is switch off your computer and modem, then restart it again. This may repair any basic faults right away and get you back up and running quickly.

Step 2

If that didn't work, the next thing to do is call our service status line on 0800 561 0061 to find out if there's a problem in your area. It's absolutely free. Or if you still have access to the internet, you can visit our help site. It's at click here

If you have questions about things like how to set up your email account or how to sort out your internet security, you'll find the answers online too.

Step 3

If you can't find what you're looking for online, or you can't look online, then you can call our new broadband helpline.

We have over 200 Virgin Broadband experts ready to help if you're having issues with your Virgin Broadband modem or service. So they can help you faster, you'll need to have your account details to hand and be at your computer.

If you have a question about equipment that hasn't been supplied by Virgin Media, like your computer or your Blackberry, then you'll need to get in touch with your manufacturer or you can call the PC helpline on 0906 991 0001. It costs £1 a minute plus 10p to connect. Mobiles and other networks may vary.

We hope that helps and that you continue to enjoy the same great service!

The Virgin Media team

  Zaphod 3 19:37 25 Jun 2007

Whoops beaten to it.

click here

  realist 21:09 25 Jun 2007

This is the address to write to if you have problems with Virgin Media:

Steve Burch
Chief Executive Officer
Virgin Media Ltd
Media House
Bartley Wood Business Park
RG27 9XA

  Arnie 00:06 26 Jun 2007

Today, I've just received the identical e-mail from Virgin.

Since they have taken over from ntl, little extra charges seem to be creeping in.

  Terry Brown 08:53 26 Jun 2007

If you want to reduce the amount you pay to Virgin, phone Virgin (virgin phone 150) and ask about the 3 for £30 offer.
This will give you --at your current level of service- Telephone, Television and Broadband for £30, or you can have 4 for £40, which gives the same as above, but with a sim card with £10 of calls on it every month.

  birdface 09:24 26 Jun 2007

At the moment Virgin is about the most expensive broadband provider about,And now they want to charge us 25p a minute if we have any problems with our broadband,I have phoned previously with problems,And I can see Virgin making a fortune out of this,You are put through to someone in India [I Think] you have a hard job trying to understand them, They have a hard job trying to understand you,And the phone call goes on and on,And in the end you are assured that they have fixed your computer from their end,And all you have to do is re-boot computer for it to work,You thank them for their help,Then you are back on the phone for another half hour trying to find out why it did not work,The next time I have problems with my Broadband I will not be phoning for help.But will be telling them to cancel my contract for all of their services,What they promise is not what you get.

  961 10:57 26 Jun 2007

E-mails to British Gas produce a reply saying they are a bit busy just now but aim to reply in 10 days

My query at the end of May is still awaiting a reply

I always assumed that as a company got bigger it increased it's staff pro rata

That is obviously no longer the business model that Virgin, British Gas, Talk Talk and all the rest use

The answer is obviously to shift to another supplier but I guess that with cable that may not be so easy

  medicine hat 13:51 26 Jun 2007

As prices, and profits, are reduced customer service delays are increased. Thats life. If you want better service pay a little more each month with another supplier

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