Virgin Media Cancellation Issue

  RobCharles1981 10:46 27 Sep 2007

I'm in the process of cancleing my Virgin Media Broadband £14.99 because it simply doesn't work.

When I rang Customer Services last week to request this cancellation. No word was mentiond of any sort of Fee I've only been with them a few weeks and its nothing short of a shambles.

I have reinstated my AOL Membership.

Can anyone advise pleae?

  Condom 13:38 27 Sep 2007

Hi Rob
I too had terrible problems with ViginMedia which they ignored for many weeks. I got two letters, in June and August both saying I would get a response in 10 or maybe 15 days. When I tried to cancel I was told they would charge me a couple of hundred pounds for the priviledge of doing so. I'm still waiting for a response from them as their service is lousy compared to NTL which they took over. I keep losing connections especially when trying to use my phone as well. How they come out as PC Advisers best bet I have no idea.

  RobCharles1981 14:13 27 Sep 2007

I couldn't agree more Condom,

I tought in my view Virgin Media where good like hell their where, Speeds where all over the place, seed capped after 7pm and very high pings.

What happens now are they going to charge me for leaving the service? Because inititaly I migrated from AOL, but I didn't really like VM at all, so I thought Ile go back to AOL now I have to wait next Wednesday for Virgin to take of their service off my line.

  RobCharles1981 18:05 27 Sep 2007

I contacted Virgin Media earlier on, I'm still in the 12 Month Period I will have to pay £140 but I will get that refunded when I phone them after the 3rd Oct which is the cancellation date.

  PP321 18:38 27 Sep 2007

Odd, ive had nothing but good things from them, i was over billed once, and due to financial problems i had to cancel my subscription (been with them for 4 years at the time) , they begged me to stay, even go put thru to a nice lady who (allmost) sounded like she sympathised , she offerd me free BB for 6 months, then halfprice thierafter but due to my circumstances i couldnt.

  bjh 23:24 27 Sep 2007

I have three separate personal accounts with Virgin, all of which regularly migrate from house to house. I also have five lab staff who also have home accounts with Virgin.

From around November of last year, I found the service (linespeed and customer service) went into a nosedive.... HOWEVER...

... in the last four weeks, there has been a real improvement in terms of customer service. The dip in service that I saw did seem to be reflected in many other peoples' experiences, and I'm not sure that I have seen anyone else praising them recently, aside from PP321. Maybe they have turned a corner and are improving the service...

  birdface 12:38 28 Sep 2007

Hi Rob.You are allowed to cancel if you have had the product for 14 days or less according to this. click here ,If I remember right we did warn you that Virgin was not as good as what NTL was.Ever since Virgin took over it has been going downhill,They were that interested in getting new customers they were not listening to the complaints of the old customers.So they were probably loosing more customers than what they were getting new ones.At the moment there is a little battle going on with them and Sky[Which is good for the customer as everything is getting a bit cheaper]Long may it last.I have heard folk complaining about the bad service.In my case it was bad,But there are others complaining .But their problems were actually faults with their computers. And nothing to do with Virgin.So I suppose they get some bad publicity that is not their fault.I suppose if you went over your 14 days before canceling the could charge you for the whole year.Take them to court to fight it may end up costing a lot more.But I suppose if you are polite and tell them the facts and you are not happy with them I do not think that they would want any bad publicity and cancel your agreement.

  RobCharles1981 13:10 28 Sep 2007

Hi Buteman

I will contact virgin about this and see how long I have had this shabby service,

As I said I did phone them on Wednesday, I spoke to a rep, and told her I wasn't happy with the Broadband Service, she said I will be having the £140 back after the cancellation date and I have to contact VM to ask them to do so.

Speaking the remote chat right now I went "live" on the 11th of this Month and I requested to be canceled on the 25th of this Month going ahead for the 3rd Of October, it looks like a full refund coming my way.

  spuds 13:37 28 Sep 2007

To cancel (without payment) a contract or agreement due to extremely poor service, then the Supply of Goods and Services Act may help in resolving an issue.

click here

  pj123 18:06 28 Sep 2007

You've got it wrong. Virgin Media did not take over NTL.

NTL/Telewest took over Virgin Media but opted to use the name Virgin Media.

So in actual fact it is still NTL running the show.

I have been with NTL for some years now and I have not had any problems.

"From February 8th 2007, ntl:Telewest will be now known as Virgin Media. Last year ntl:Telewest, who already part owned, bought Virgin Mobile in a deal worth nearly £1bn. The companies have now merged under the Virgin brand and are launching with some incredible deals for cable television, high-speed broadband, landlines and award-winning mobile phone services."

  birdface 00:16 29 Sep 2007

Been with them for years and never had any problems.Wait till you have problems then come back and tell us how good they are.Incredible Deals.Only because Sky stopped them from showing some of their programs.So they have cut all there prices to try and lure sky customers over to Virgin.Also since they are trying to sell Virgin it would help if they could show an increase in new customers,Even Branson wants out.He wants them to do a deal with some American company.And changing the names only papers over the cracks.

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