Virgin Media broadband problems

  allanon 12:54 14 Apr 2009

I have had the 2MB service for over a year and I have not had any problems. I have my desktop hardwired to the modem, and a wireless router. I had configured them all and they have worked fine. The router being a fairly new addition about 3-4 months ago, acquired from virgin. Anyway my desktop started having problems whereby connection was lost after a few minutes.Calls to Virgin, elicited a new modem which I have connected but no change, same problem. I changed the cables and again no change. I defragmented the C drive recently although after I first started experiencing connection problems, so I dont think that this was the problem. I have not installed any new software or hardware. Any ideas?

  allanon 12:55 14 Apr 2009

Just to confirm the problems now affects both laptops as well as my desktop. Although my desktop appeared to have problems first

  birdface 13:42 14 Apr 2009

Right click local area connection and press repair.See if it comes up with a dns problem.

  birdface 13:48 14 Apr 2009

Speed test that their engineers here Make sure all the modem lights are working that should be working.
Try.Control panel.Administrative tools.Services.Scroll down to DNS client and make sue it is set to automatic.

  birdface 13:54 14 Apr 2009

If I remember right.You connect the yellow or orange ethernet cable that comes with the router to the modem and router.And the cable that used to go from your computer to the modem into the back of the router.Is this the way you have it installed.

  allanon 14:12 14 Apr 2009

I have a 1. a local area connection and 2.a 1394 connection together with 3. a tiscali dial up on the network connections.The first has been repaired but no change. I cannot repair nos 2 as, and I quote "the TCP/IP is not enabled for this connection". 3 was my original dial up connection which is no longer used but there is a "tick" which I assume means it is enabled. But I have not changed any of my internet options, so I can only assume that these settings have been the same.

The DNS client is set to automatic.

As regards to the cable set up I have unplugged to router, to ttry and get the connection up and running on my desktop first.

  allanon 14:18 14 Apr 2009

I have just ran the spped tedt and the download speed was 2095 kbps whilst the upload speed was 242kbps.

Since I get access the internet if I continually unplug the modem and then switch it back on. I wonder whether it is a firewall problem?. I think it is likely to be that rather than hardware since the it works for a few minutes and then crashes

  birdface 14:40 14 Apr 2009

Getting the proper download and upload speeds then.Not really into routers don.t know much about them.Putting your computer connection straight into the Modem does it work ok or does it still cut off. Just wondering new modem.Normally the engineer would fit them then they have to contact virgin to confirm the new settings and code of new modem.But maybe this was done before sending it. Not really any help to you.maybe you should have posted this in the helproom you may have got a better response.

  allanon 16:33 14 Apr 2009

The router has been disconnected, so it is not that causing a problem. The problem originally started with the old modem and virgin thought that it may have been the connector in the modem, so they gave me a new one. The problem with cutting off occurs with both modems. The modem has been activated and sent update codes many times as I have continually rang them but with no success. They seem to think it is anything but their service - which I have heard from other members before.
Can you please explain why I have a local area connector and a 1394 connector -are they the same , or 2 different items?. Also any idea why it gave the above error message?

  birdface 18:45 14 Apr 2009

click here= Googled.not unless its your router connection.I am with virgin and my local connection is Via Rhine 11 fast Ethernet.Add... It maybe different on different computers or Windows versions.

  birdface 18:50 14 Apr 2009

Try Run type in cmd.Ok.Command prompt will open type in ipconfig /flushdns a small gap between ipconfig and forward slash or it will not should tell you DNS cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.Not using Norton are you.

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