Virgin Media Broadband

  allclear 23:28 20 Mar 2008

I was getting my Broadband service from NTL until it was taken over by Virgin Media and since then both the service & the speed has gone down.

I am being charged £18 a month for 2MB, however I just tested my speed and is only about 1.2 MB (download speed and 0.19MB upload speed).

I have written a numerous times to Virgin with no response. When I ring customer service I am asked to ring technical support which is about £1 a min.

I like to change but many will only provide broadband with a BT line

Any suggestions please?

Many Thanks

  jakimo 11:54 17 Apr 2008

I have just phoned 151 and that part is free,a auto voice answers offering 1 of 3 options,no matter which one you select you are told to dial 0845-454-111 which is charged at 25p pm plus 10p connection charge.

Hardly a free service

  jakimo 11:58 17 Apr 2008

I should add that as from the first of June the monthly service charge will cost £1.00 more

  slimk 21:30 17 Apr 2008

I'm very unhappy with Virgin Media. Unlimited download is very dishonest. If you upload or download regularly you get throttled. They offer these great bandwidth deals but they're inaccurate. If you don't listen to music, use BBC iPlayer (or any streaming media)and don't use webcam, you'll be fine. You could pay heavily for nothing more than the ability to browse. Talk Talk look promising.

  Monoux 21:38 17 Apr 2008

VM Non cable has been nothing but trouble for me and is virtually unusable. Can't wait for my year to be up and I can get them out of my life

  GaT7 21:44 17 Apr 2008

'Talk Talk look promising' - have a look at O2 as well click here. Recent PCA discussion click here.

Compare packages with other providers including TT & VM click here. G

  Joe R 22:33 17 Apr 2008


the free service does not start till May 1st.

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