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  allclear 23:28 20 Mar 2008

I was getting my Broadband service from NTL until it was taken over by Virgin Media and since then both the service & the speed has gone down.

I am being charged £18 a month for 2MB, however I just tested my speed and is only about 1.2 MB (download speed and 0.19MB upload speed).

I have written a numerous times to Virgin with no response. When I ring customer service I am asked to ring technical support which is about £1 a min.

I like to change but many will only provide broadband with a BT line

Any suggestions please?

Many Thanks

  HXP 10:24 02 Apr 2008

I have used Blueyonder/Virgin for 4 years and it has been excellent.

£20 for 2mb BB, telephone & digital TV ( basic package ).

The £4.50 is a offer to entice new customers - special offers come & go - I had 3 months free upgrade when I joined.

Are we saying we don't want special / introductory offers ?

5 years ago getting broadband was a struggle - now it is installed for virtually no money, you get a free router, reliability is excellent, all for £18 !

They do have to make a profit.

Yes the call centre is poor - but then we want it cheap ( can they run a call centre at all on £4.50 a month /) how much below £18 do you think they can go and stay in business.

Adverts on TV state broad band for £9.50 a month but write you need a BT line in small virtually non existant writing.

I am happy to pay for my relaible service from a company that does deliver and complaining about special offers is a little counter productive.

No I don't work for Virgin, I work for a rival but I appreciate the trouble free service I get from Virgin.


  martd77 11:40 02 Apr 2008

Haggle with them ive found if you threaten to move your provider you will get what you want ive done that twice,i wanted 20mb bb,cable tv large and Phone with free weekend calls,this alone added up to £48.00 but im paying £32.00,being polite and telling them what you want from them always works for me especially when you tell them you are wanting to move to another provider.

  Joe R 19:10 02 Apr 2008

o agree with HXP,

I have been with blueyonder for around 7 or 8 years, and have had very little to complain about.

I get the 20Mb service with large TV, and phone, for around £60 per month, and can't say a bad word about any part of my service to date.

P.S., the 20Mb service is necessary, due to two teenage daughters, who spend a large part of their leisure time on Bebo, youtube, Msn etc.

  Joe R 19:12 02 Apr 2008

Sorry, I should have added, this also includes all phone calls.

  martd77 22:05 02 Apr 2008

Joe R

I would suggest you try get that cheaper,i had 20mb bb,xl tv with setanta sports and the phone line with unlimited calls and was only paying£48 for that,your paying more than i did and getting less,

  tillybaby 08:27 03 Apr 2008

For what it's worth and this is about the service not the price etc.

A very good friend of mine works at Virgin call centre and has done for only 3 months. Like all big firms they employ lots on the same day and then train them all together, cut a very sad story short, after two weeks they all went on the phones, non knew what they were doing but muddled through with the bit of knowledge they had, they have now been informed they are to be responsible for NTL too which is totally different. This morning she is handing in her notice as are plenty of the others who started on the same day,

No wonder we don't receive the customer service we pay for when the call centres are in turmoil and no-one knows what the hell they are doing. This is why it takes many calls to get satisfaction because then we might just get someone who knows what they are doing.

  freaky 20:45 03 Apr 2008

So Branson is not really the angel he appears !!!!

  lofty29 13:49 04 Apr 2008

I made the mistake of thinking Richard Branson was the boss, he is only a shareholder, NTL are the real bosses, they only use the virgin media label as it is more "sexy".

  Joe R 16:11 04 Apr 2008


you were right about the price, phoned them last night to complain about the prices being offered to new customers, and how cheap the Sky package would work out at, and was immediately given a discount, taking my package down to £34.95 pm.

  birdface 10:20 05 Apr 2008

Nearly half price.Well done.Since the price war with Sky there has been a big drop on prices.And it is the long term customers that are still paying to much.Instead of customers phoning Virgin.It should be Virgin phoning customers and offering them reduced payments.That way they would keep all their existing customers and probably gain a lot more with others being recommended to join Virgin.If they could get rid of their foreign call centers I am sure they would gain even more customers.And as far as I know they are stopping the 25p a minute call charges if you have problems with your broadband.So they are trying hard and can only get better.

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