Virgin Media Broadband

  allclear 23:28 20 Mar 2008

I was getting my Broadband service from NTL until it was taken over by Virgin Media and since then both the service & the speed has gone down.

I am being charged £18 a month for 2MB, however I just tested my speed and is only about 1.2 MB (download speed and 0.19MB upload speed).

I have written a numerous times to Virgin with no response. When I ring customer service I am asked to ring technical support which is about £1 a min.

I like to change but many will only provide broadband with a BT line

Any suggestions please?

Many Thanks

  rdave13 01:33 21 Mar 2008

Nothing wrong by supplying broadband via BT line.
ISP's are different. Have a browse on this site as they are good. click here

  BT 08:20 21 Mar 2008

£18 for 2mb! I only pay £9.50 for mine. Give customer services a ring and get a better price. If you have a Virgin phone use 151 its free.

  BT 08:23 21 Mar 2008

Is your Broadband via the phone or cable? I get about 1.8mb fairly consistently on the cable connection.

  birdface 09:04 21 Mar 2008

Unfortunately new customers only pay £4.95 a month for 2mb.I phoned them told them that I was not willing to pay £18.00 for it when others were only paying £4.95 i told them that I could get 14Mb from Sky for £10 anyhow after threatening to cancel the dropped it down to £4.95.Have you tried this speed here also try Control Panel.Network Connections.Right click local area connection and press repair.See if it comes up with a DNS problem.I tried this about a month here the optimizer now I can open new pages a lot quicker.

  lofty29 09:16 21 Mar 2008

allclear, I think you will find that there are several parts of virgin media,all competing against each other,ntl took over virgin but changed the name, yes the service has gone down, and cs are rubbish. I get 8mb(haha)bb plus phone calls for £19.50 pm but have to pay £10.50 line rental to bt as well. I suspect that you have cable so the extra charge you pay is for the cable rental. The best speed I can get is 600kb, and I only live 1 mile from the exchange. Be vary careful when dealing with virgin, I was persuaded to change from ntl to virgin and it ended up costing me double the first month.

  Monoux 09:29 21 Mar 2008

lofty29-- I had the same scenario as yourself. The service is rubbish and the connection useless most of the time ( little more than dial up speeds). I was charged double for 3 months despite complaining, chasing by phone and writing to head office, in the end threatened to take them to court for the amount double charged and the cost of phone calls ( most of it incurred whilst hanging on and on half hour plus most times to actually get someone to speak to)

The cheque arrived on the deadline day.

Funny how they can take the monmey within 48 hours but in my case take 3 months to change you from NTL to Virgin !!

Needless to say once my year is up I will be off.

  allclear 10:23 21 Mar 2008


I know there is nothing wrong with BT but added cost of installation & the new line.

Yes I did try speed test and this is where I got my upload & download speeds.

I feel even more angryer after reading some of the prices mentioned for broadband.

Any reliable provider anyone can recommend?

  birdface 17:31 21 Mar 2008

To be fair I am on their 2mb with a cable connection.And thats what I get almost the whole 2mb.Their call centers are crap but as you don't have many faults you can put up with it.They are not any worse than any other ISP and better than most.

  roddypoddy 17:50 21 Mar 2008

click here
Have a look here mate,some useful/not so useful reading,btw,i have the 4meg service on cable,£25.00 a month,we also have their(NTL/Virgin phone too)another £25.00.
I,m awaiting the "free" upgrade to 10meg,though i,ll be surprised to actually get that sort of speed.
My current set-up works fine for the most part,but when you see some of the deals being offered to new customers it can be a little galling,when many users like myself have been with them for quite a number of years now,and can,t seem to get any "deals".

  birdface 18:30 21 Mar 2008

Looks like you are being overcharged for your here If that comes out right you should only be paying £18 a month if you are paying £50 for the two it looks as though you are getting grossly overchaged.

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