Virgin media 50 mb

  iqs 21:36 24 Oct 2011

Hi, I upgraded to the 50mb service two months ago.the last week or so my speed has been dropping to about 4mb after 7 ish. I have phoned the 50 mb service number,they say my connection is fine. During the day my speed is around 48 mb,it's just in the evening. I dont download a lot.

THere are sending out a new superhub.

IF this is still the same after,what can I do?

Also is anyone else having this problem


  birdface 23:26 24 Oct 2011

I take it you are connected by telephone and not cable.

If cable there is no reason why you should loose speed at night.

  spuds 01:08 25 Oct 2011

I don't see how it can be your superhub, if the speeds are okay in the day, and then drop-off in the evenings. Sounds a bit like contention ratios.

Do regular speed tests, and keep the results ready to send to Virgin, if the fault is still there, before and after changing the hub.

You could look up some broadband information from this website

  iqs 12:29 25 Oct 2011

Hi, And thanks for the help.

I agree it cant be the hub,and its cable not phone line. I just ran a speed test ,ping 15ms-d/l 50.22-u/l 1.36 This is the norm during the day.

I have contacted the complaints dept,someone will phone me back this afternoon after speaking to the tech dept. Hopefully they can assist.

I will keep you updated. Thanks again

  birdface 16:01 25 Oct 2011


I get the same speed day or night on 10Mb.

This is the speed test that the Virgin Engineers use.

  birdface 10:21 26 Oct 2011

There is another problem that could cause it.

The NTL or virgin box is just outside my door and the Engineer said that I was getting to much power through the cable and he added a component that would drop the power to what it should have been.

Another case was much the same signal kept dropping and engineer came out after 1 minute on the computer he went outside to the NTL box on my wall and just changed the fuse type thing for another and worked fine after that.

So looks like you can get to much or to little power through the cable and it is easy sorted.

No doubt if your new Superhub does not work properly they will have a look at the signal you receive from the cable.

If it happens every night after 7pm could it be a fault on your electrical system maybe a timer switching on at that time.It should not really interfere with your computer signal but you never know.

  finerty 18:54 28 Oct 2011

What Cat cable r u using switch to a cat 6

  octal 13:08 30 Oct 2011

A couple of things, first go to this site

and test your line yourself, the username and password is root.

Then post the results on the Virgin Media help forum and one of the VM engineers will tell you if your line is OK or not, if it isn't working correctly they will generate a fault ticket for the fault.

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