Virgin Media

  fifty-and-some 17:34 29 Jan 2012

Since October I have had trouble with broadband speed.

Regular periods of between 2 & 4 Mbps, and when I signed in here just 0.51mbps.

I am on up to 20Mbps, never achieved that. I occasionally, and I mean occasionally receive 14Mbps but the majority is 8 or under with long period of under 4. Worst of the constant total breaks in supply.

I can’t trust it for banking or Skyping.

I have been advised I am being upgraded to 60. I would settle for a guaranteed 10.

I have put in 3 complaints to Virgin but have frankly been plain bullshitted.

I have the phone – broadband – TV package.

How do I get Virgin to act honestly? Do I have to change, and are all broadband suppliers tarred with the same brush?

  mobileman1953 17:44 29 Jan 2012

send complaint email to the c e o . i did and my complaint was dealt with rapidly and to my satisfaction

  frybluff 19:19 29 Jan 2012

Virgin are usually quite good, at least in terms of broadband speed. I know there have been some fairly widespread problems, over the last three weeks or so, but back to October ....? Unfortunately, their customer service can be pretty useless. The comment about writing directly to the CEO is probably a good one. I doubt it would actually get that far, but will probably still some sort of sensible response. It does sound as if there may be some problem with your particular supply, assuming you're not a million miles from anywhere.

  birdface 09:08 30 Jan 2012

Are you connected by cable if so you should be getting the full download mount.

  birdface 09:14 30 Jan 2012

I should have added are you connected through cable or from a Wireless connection.

If wireless connect the computer straight on to the ethernet cable and see what speeds you get.

If connected by cable and you are getting those problems demand an engineer to call.Don't take no for an answer.

  Input Overload 09:53 30 Jan 2012

As above, regarding wired or wireless, if you are connected wirelessly have you tried connecting directly to your router with an Ethernet cable? That needs to be the starting point as that will sort whether its a connection issue which is fully VM's problem or a problem in your home or with your PC(s)). Trying another PC with a cable can also rule out many problems, a laptop is fine for this if it has an Ethernet cable port.

Have you asked for a engineer to visit? If so what was the response from VM?

When I first used Virgin I had speed problems but I did get two visits from engineers without to much hassle. Maybe your power levels need adjusting, VM should have been able to check this out over the phone though.

As you have the full package you do come into the customer base VM really want to keep & it seems they haven't done a very good job with you. What exactly have they offered & what advice have you been given? In what way precisely do you feel you have been given 'BS'?

Your speeds seem to be worse than a slow ADSL connection, & that needs sorting.

  fifty-and-some 11:19 30 Jan 2012

I have cable directly connected to PC.

Prior to October I was receiving good up to 20Mbps service.

I am advised that there were issues in my area, a town centre area. First to be corrected by 13-11-10 then later & then by 6-1-12.

I was being reasonable giving time to allow all issues to be settled.

On Sunday the service was so bad reasonableness dissipated.

  spuds 12:09 30 Jan 2012

If you are getting bad customer service, then do what as been suggested by contacting the CEO. The other possible solution is to contact the trade or association body VM subscribe to.

Seeing that VM are spending a fortune on advertising, then you should get the speeds that they are suggesting you should get, or alternatively to provide assistance as to the reason why you are not achieving it!.

One word of warning perhaps. If you request an engineer's visit, there might be a charge if the fault is on your equipment.

  Input Overload 13:46 30 Jan 2012

I would be inclined to fire a shot over VM's bows, you can do this by going to the 'I am thinking of leaving' option when you dial 150. This may galvenise VM into action as they do not want to lose customers such as you. You of course don't have to actually leave but they don't know this, I would mention you have asked for help on a UK magazine forum too.

You could say you would really prefer to stay with VM but you are paying for a service you are simply not receiving & is there anything that they can do to remedy this unfortunate situation?

BT Infinity are deluging the country with a good deal on their fibre/copper service & VM know this. What you want is the service you pay for. (and I get)

Ask for the support person by name & if you are not happy by the TS service let them know you will be writing to head office & mentioning them by name.

You can get what you want & I would also for some monetary compensation for unacceptable service this last few months.

Just a thought.

  birdface 22:48 30 Jan 2012

Like Input Overload says Maybe your power levels need adjusting,

You can get to much power or not enough it would take the Engineer about 5 minutes to fix it.They take the original power adapter out which is a small thing like a fuse and put a new one in so that you get the proper power to the modem.

Either that or the Modem may be faulty and need replacing.

Or go to their forum which I find very good sign in and type out your problem.

I find it very good and have always been very helpful to me when having problems.

  [email protected] 18:41 31 Jan 2012

Could be something as simple as your modem needs replacing. And just to check, you say you are connected to the modem using a cable - you're not using a powerline adapter in that run are you? I've witnessed these having a dramatic effect on speed.

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