Virgin Internet - Cold Calling???

  Jester2K II 18:19 19 Nov 2003

Have Virgin Internet started cold calling for customers to transfer to them?

I have a relative who gave details to someone to transfer her connection but then wondered if its genuine???

  Jester2K II 18:41 19 Nov 2003

Worst thing is Credit Card details have been handed over. I have advise she contact Credit Card company but is there anything else she should do in case its not legit??

  accord 19:06 19 Nov 2003

the only thing i would do is to tell your relative not to do it agian.

  oresome 19:37 19 Nov 2003

Virgin certainly do a lot of cold calling for some of their other enterprises.
I remarked to one foreign sounding gentleman that Richard should concentrate his efforts on getting his trains to run on time. As this resulted in a pregnant pause, I expanded to Richard Branson, but the caller was still none the wiser as to what I was talking about. I declined the offer of energy supply or credit card or whatever.

  Mike ® 23:25 19 Nov 2003

Virgin is now part of Ntl.

  simonp1 06:41 20 Nov 2003

the problem when people call your home via phone or in person you never know if they are real ( ie the company they say they work for) so i never deal with them there and then, i will always call the company direct.

Jester, make sure that the credit card company dont allow any payments...well you never know.

  Stuartli 08:41 20 Nov 2003

Your advice is foolish, to say the very least.

No one should EVER provide such personal details as bank accounts, debit or credit card details etc in response to an unknown caller under ANY circumstances.

The only exception is if you have contacted a known company, organisation or online retail outlet personally by telephone to make an order.

In these cases, the debit/credit card receipt is normally marked "Card owner not present."

Follow simonp1's advice and inform the credit card company immediately by telephone.

Better to have to arrange for a new card and PIN number than fall prey to toerags.

  Stuartli 08:42 20 Nov 2003

..even so it would probably be too late now if something amiss is actually afoot.....

  Spindrift 11:39 20 Nov 2003

Try phoning 0845 6501000 and ask if they know about this call or if a account has been set up in your relatives name. They might ask you for your relative to call. You might have to wait a while phoning late in the day but they should put your mind at rest. As said above it might be too late. I hope not.

  Jester2K II 14:33 20 Nov 2003

I'm waiting to hear back from Virgin Customer Services at he moment!

I've advised she contacts the CC Company - whether that advise is taken remains to be seen....

Cheers all

  Stuartli 15:01 20 Nov 2003

If you point out that it just might proved very painful financially wise....:-)

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